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Creative Christmas Activities While Staying Well and Healthy

With finals in full swing, we as college students are approaching the finish line faster and are getting ready for the holiday season which might glitter a little differently than in the past. Yet, there can also be an interesting and happening holiday season ahead of us. How would you say so? Well, engaging in creative activities such as art and crafts can add memorable and intriguing touches to the holiday season this winter and awaken the Christmas Spirit and make Santa very happy.  

What are the creative activities we can engage in?




One can write a letter to Santa about how they feel about Christmas this year and how they are spending the season. Although it might be a child-like activity, as college students, we can write to Santa expressing what we would like for Christmas and even share with him how we faced the challenges that came in our way this semester and how we came out stronger and successful. In addition, we can share with Santa any aspirations we have for the new year which will help us stay positive and keep a smile on our beautiful faces. No matter how hard the times are, Santa is the one individual with whom we can share our thoughts to!


Making jingle Bells out of paper, cardboard, or simply any material available at home

Do we all remember and possibly like the Jingle Bells nursery rhyme from elementary school? How about making some jingle bells to let the sound of Christmas and Santa’s arrival touch our hearts. Perhaps these bells might not produce sound, but they can be made aesthetically pleasing and authentic. As a landscape architecture student who has some experience in designing and creation, I believe that making a jingle bell can give one the opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts for the holiday season.  The bells can represent a metaphor for something that really means a lot to them and their loved ones. Moreover, making the bells from what you have at home is even better as it highlights how natural and authentic the bells will turn out. 

 Decorate your Christmas Tree with things that you like

Normally, Christmas trees are decorated with ornaments that are coated in silver and gold along with lighting to ignite the spirit. In addition to this, you can consider adding some other elements that really hold a lot of value; perhaps your favorite Spartan Badge! Adding these can provide a platform to celebrate your togetherness with family, friends, and everyone at MSU as well especially when we cannot meet one another as much at the moment. In turn, your Christmas tree can represent the memories you have with all those around you!


Design Santa’s sleigh

This would be an interesting activity to allow you to think about how you would like Santa’s sleigh to look like and make it the best it can be. A sleigh can be designed to represent anything: perhaps a white one with a snowy texture, one with a reddish texture to blend with Santa’s outfit, or maybe a sleigh that moves and flies automatically allowing Rudolph and the other reindeers to also enjoy the journey and ride!

Creative activities like the ones discussed can really lift the holiday spirit this winter and make the season during the most unusual and unprecedented times more insightful and memorable.

I am an undergraduate student at MSU majoring in Landscape Architecture in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Along with my interest in design and creation, I am also passionate about writing and creation through words and language. Writing allows me to express myself and my perspective of everything that goes on in our daily lives and live the joy of creating meaning through diction and other stylistic features.
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