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The most recent trend taking over college campuses are the patterned leggings! Urban Outfitters is a great store to find leggings that are a bit flashier than the typical black cotton ones we all have. Pairing patterned leggings with a longer, plain shirt allows you to tone down the craziness and not draw too much attention to your behind! Mary has figured this trend out perfectly by pairing her cute leggings with a jean shirt, warm sweater and awesome leg warmers! This is an easy, warm and stylish look for the winter.

 Marissa Russo is a senior at Michigan State University studying  journalism with a concentration in apparel and textile design. Her love for writing coincides with her love for design, and after graduation she hopes to work at a publication that allows her to do both. Marissa is a co-campus correspondent for Her Campus MSU. Follow her on Instagram: marissrusso and Twitter: @marissrusso