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Christen Yuan ’16



Name: Christen Yuan (’16)

Nickname: Triscuit

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing

Hometown: New Buffalo, Michigan

Relationship Status: Single!

What’s your favorite food: “Anything chicken. Fried chicken, chicken wings, chicken pot pie, chicken sandwiches.”

What is your perfect date: “I like to do anything exciting, kind of like something I’ve never done before, so if someone took me out on a date to somewhere I wasn’t expecting at all — I would really like that.”

If you could meet anyone on Earth, who would it be: “I would meet Beyonce because she is just the woman. She puts a lot of work into her music and art, and she’s so inspiring and beautiful.”

What’s your biggest ‘what if’: What if I don’t find something I’m passionate about career wise.”

What’s your most recently watched on Netflix: “Scandal and American Horror Story.”

What’s your biggest turnoff: “Body odor is the number one turnoff!”

Wildest Memory on Campus: “One time, I snuck into the Izzone section at a U of M game and got front row seats.”

Celebrity Crush: “Dave Franco.”

What are your hobbies: “Drawing, painting, crocheting, rock climbing, archery. Basically anything that involves the outdoors.”

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Caffeine lover. Animal activist. New York City dreams.
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