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Name: Cathie Dang

Major: Media and Information

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan


What are some things/is something you are involved in on campus? 

I am currently only involved in VIM as a co-director for diversity and inclusion.


What is VIM?

It is MSU‘s first lifestyle, health and beauty magazine.


How did you go about selecting your major & knowing it’s right for you? 

I actually had no idea what my major was, but after looking through all the majors that MSU has and the course list for each of them I just cited that media information best suited my personal interests.


What are you looking forward to in your junior year of college at MSU? 

I am looking forward to actually starting to work in my field and applying for internships, and doing the things that I have been taking classes in order to prepare myself to do.


Is there any advice you have received about college that you found to be really beneficial? 

Every single person who told me that things would eventually fall together, or that I would know with time, provided me with the mental soundness I needed to get through that rough patch and keep working towards what I wanted. I also was advised to be selfish and choose myself and explore all that college has to offer, which I am very thankful that I followed. It definitely made me grow as a person.


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