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Caitlyn Clark is Breaking Records and Making History

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

Only three days into Women’s History Month,  and another woman made history. Caitlyn Clark from The University of Iowa girl’s basketball team, set an all-time record for points scored in their college careers. 

Sunday, March 3rd, in Clark’s last regular season game against Ohio State, is when this all happened. She needed to score 18 points to pass the current holder Pete Maravich–which she was able to do in the game’s first half. The shot she made to break this record, was a contested logo shot ( barely passed half-court). This is even more impressive, and was a moment that will go down in sports history, alongside the record it brought her. 

She has scored the most points of any player, man or woman, in the NCAA. Totalling 3,685 career points and beating the current record that was set in 1970 by LSU men’s basketball player Pete Maravich who had 3667 points. 

Iowa ended up winning that game with a 93-83, 35 of those points were from Clark. score against the Ohio State team who was ranked first in their regular season and destroyed their fifteen-game winning streak. 

She is such an inspiration to me even as someone who is no longer an athlete. She shows so much dedication and mastery in her work. She is an example of wanting something, working hard, and getting it done. 

She speaks about her accomplishments in a way that makes you want to root for her success– Iowa fan or not.  Clark Said that she will be moving on to be drafted in the WNBA where I can only imagine she will have even more success. I can’t articulate how excited I am to watch her rookie season.

This is huge for women’s sports, Iowa basketball, and of course for Caitlyn Clark. I hope that this makes people more excited about women’s sports, specifically basketball, as their lower viewership is extremely disproportionate to what they deserve. I hope this makes more people excited to watch these games as they truly are just as fun to watch. 

To anyone who missed out on watching this game or any of Clark’s games, this should inspire you to watch more women’s basketball and realize that these talented girls are making sports history and breaking records that were made 54 years ago.

Tait is a first-year student at Michigan State University. This is her second semester as an HC chapter member. Tait is a psychology major who has always been passionate about the subject. She also loves to read and write, she was in her high school literature club, which inspired her to join HC. When she is not reading or studying, Tait enjoys playing sports like soccer and field hockey. She loves to be with her friends and is always consuming copious amounts of media.