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Boygenius is a supergroup made up of musical artists Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus. Their self-titled EP was released in 2018, and their latest album, “the record,” is set to release on March 31, 2023. 

On January 18th, three singles from “the record” were released: “$20,” “Emily I’m Sorry,” and “True Blue.” Each song is reflective of their individual styles. 

In the Rolling Stone article, the band noted that there is not one lead singer or musician: 

“Lifting each other up [is] how we create,” Bridgers said. “We all get to be the lead. We all get the high of each other being in the front, which is so sick and has been the ethos of this band since day one.” 

Releasing these three singles together was a powerful way to solidify and demonstrate that idea. Each member has their own moment to shine while the influence and sound of the others synthesizes, creating music that is simultaneously cohesive and distinct.

“$20” is led by Baker, and her guitar style and riffs deeply influence the tone and pace of the song. The song explores curiosity, recklessness, desperation, and how all three intertwine. There is a sense of urgency and tension that is strengthened through the layered vocals. Near the end, each singer repeats or sings distinct lines that overlap to create chaos. It is as though they are three voices in your head – each demanding something different in contrasting ways. The chaos eventually transforms into Bridgers screaming: a cathartic release. 

“Emily I’m Sorry” is a song containing elements of hope and regret led by Bridgers. This song sounds like a plea, and it is heart-wrenching. The sense of loss and wandering is reflected in the way the vocals become distorted and muffled when Bridgers sings the word “lost” at the end of verse two. It is almost like an echo or a ripple in the water. The only voice coming back to you is your own, and when the water calms, you see your own reflection. 

“True Blue” is reminiscent of Dacus’ album “Home Video” and the percussion shapes a gentle space. There is a shared theme of identity and exploring the concept of home––examining both through one’s connection with other people. The lines “I can’t hide from you like I hide from myself / I remember who I am when I’m with you,” are especially reflective of that. The song draws the listener into the narrative through the use of imagery that enhances the experience by evoking a tactile sense. Additionally, the line “water freezing in your eyes” in verse two and “breaking a sweat on your upper lip” in verse three strengthen the sense of intimacy by making observations that can only be noted when one looks closely.  

The latest single from “the record,” “Not Strong Enough,” was released on March 1, accompanied by a music video shot by boygenius themselves. Baker, Bridgers, and Dacus each have a moment in the song where their vocals lead. 

“Not Strong Enough” features instrumentals and layered vocals that build up the intensity. The bridge begins with Dacus singing “always an angel, never a god,” and that is eventually layered with the vocals of Bridgers and Baker. Through its repeated nature, these lines reflect a growing frustration with one’s power only being perceived or understood as lesser than or in subservience to something else. 

The music video beautifully juxtaposes the lyrics. It reflects the idea that you don’t have to be alone––even when you’re “spinning out” or pass the exit to your old street and “go home / go home alone.” You can have a safe space with the people you love and that love you. There was so much love radiating from them that I couldn’t stop smiling while watching. It made me want to go out and experience simple, sweet things with the people I love.

(Note: Do not watch the music video and think about episode seven of “The Last of Us”…You might cry.)

I am so excited for “the record” and am looking forward to March 31. I will be in my room, staring at the ceiling fan (I don’t actually have a ceiling fan), playing air drums, and internally screaming. 

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