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Book Review: Adulthood is a Myth

Adulthood is a Myth, written and scribbled by Brooklyn artist Sarah Anderson, is a collection of comics that you need to be reading. It’s honestly more relatable than your best friend. The effortless, but entirely too accurate, cartoons detail the day-to-day life of being an adult – but not really, because as the title suggests, adulthood is really just a myth.

The book features a sidekick bunny full of reason, an evil and calculating uterus and a main character that is somehow each and every one of us. From the agony of walking behind slow people, to the torture of not knowing why you’re so miserable two days before your period hits, to that moment of existential crisis upon viewing someone else’s work that is clearly better than yours, this collection of cartoons clearly understands the struggles of being a college woman.

But not to worry, it’s not all negative. There’s also that moment where you melt when your crush walks by and acknowledges you, the rush you get from the smell of a book, and that instant you realize you’re in a good relationship when your partner rubs your hairy legs and is totally okay with it.

While flipping from page to page, I couldn’t help but chuckle out loud, nod my head in complete understanding and even send a few pictures of the pages that were just way too relevant to friends. Just imagine it as being a book of a thousand memes.

You can buy a copy – or five (seriously, this is a great gift for all your lady friends, and trust me, they all need one) – on Amazon, because let’s be real, when is the last time you set foot in a bookstore that wasn’t strictly for textbooks? Another great perk? You won’t be able to stop rubbing your fingers over the fuzzy, red felt letters and striped sweater on the front cover. Cue Spongebob…

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