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When I came to Michigan State University, I had never tried boba before. My hometown may be a larger city, but it has always lacked in small restaurants. I made it my mission to try every single boba shop that East Lansing has to offer. 

This is in no way a ranked list, I really enjoy every single shop. There’s no way I could ever pin one shop over the other, because each place has such unique characteristics. Each place is worth a try, and I urge you to visit them!

1. Möge Tea 

This is probably my favorite place to get drinks from – I always stop by when I’m on Grand River and treat myself to a berry cheese foam slush. There’s something so good about the flavors of cheese and the sweetness of the fruit that draws me in. There’s a bus station directly outside the shop, so besides the expansive menu, it offers convenience as well. 

2. Feng Cha

This is the cutest one by far. They have this really pretty wall covered in plants with a neon sign – and have parking behind the shop. It’s located by Frandor Shopping Center, so it’s a little out of the way. However, the menu is expansive, and offers many different tastes. I like the summer melon drink, which is offered year-round. The tea is sweet and I really enjoy the melon chunks. 

3. MOMO Tea

MOMO Tea offers the cheapest drinks out of all the boba shops in East Lansing. I enjoy their matcha latte, and that’s saying something. Usually I am wary of matcha drinks, as they sometimes have a chalky aftertaste. MOMO tea doesn’t! Their shop is cute, and it’s located pretty close to Hubbard Hall, so when I have classes there I always pop over. 

4. Tea Ninja

This is a chain boba shop, so it does have a ton of menu items. It’s actually kind of hidden and I didn’t even know it existed; it’s by Hannah Lofts and Townhomes apartments near Hubbard Hall as well. The prices are decent, and I’ve gotten the brown sugar boba there and really enjoyed their tapioca.

5. Ding Tea

Underrated is probably the best way to describe this one. Not a lot of people know it exists, which is sad because it has some great fruit tea flavors. I’m a popping bubble girl at heart, so I always order the guava mango tea with strawberry popping bubbles. They’re insanely cheap and they’re on Trowbridge Rd by Fresh Thyme Market. I highly recommend giving this place a try – CATA bus 38 takes you super close, so the little adventure to get there is nice too.

6. Koi Tea

Koi Tea is a bit out of the way, I’ll admit, and some may not consider it even a shop near MSU, but who cares? It’s so cute, and the menu items are good too. I get the butterfly pea flower drink and there are good photo opportunities with the aesthetic drinks. Brown sugar boba milk tea is always a staple, but to be honest, I prefer to get their more fruity tea flavors. It’s in Okemos, so you can take the bus or drive there. 

7. Unicha

What’s not to like about boba and rolled ice cream? They’re good on their own and even better when combined. I really enjoy their soda drinks, because they’re different from other shops, and always have really cute ombre effects. It’s off Grand River and honestly it’s such a fun atmosphere. 

8. Koala Tea

I honestly like the pastries and sweets here more than anything. They have popping bubbles, and I always consider that a plus, especially with getting fluffy bread. Their cheese foam isn’t my favorite, but I do like their brown sugar boba. It’s definitely worth a visit.

9. Gong Cha

This shop is coming to Grand River soon, and I cannot wait. Right now it’s off Saginaw Highway, by Eastwood Town Center, which is probably the most out of the way, but it’s so worth it. It’s my favorite place to get brown sugar boba. I love how chewy the tapioca is and they offer great prices. They do promotions often and I was able to try out more of their menu with a buy one get one free campaign. 

Brandy Muz is an aspiring writer hailing from Saginaw, Michigan. She enjoys going to the gym, having fun with friends, and making people laugh. With her strength in stories, she hopes to spread joy by way of words.