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Love is the most vulnerable form of human existence.

It’s like taking a knife, carving out your heart, and serving it up on a platter.

Saying “Here you are, but please, if you choose to hurt it, do it gently. Do not tear or stab, or punch or grab.

Just simply let it be, if it is not meant to be.

You hide your blushed face with curled hands, and squirm at the thought of speaking or a glance.


Perhaps the worst fear of all is the fear of the unknown.

There is nothing you can do to prepare yourself from what you do not know, for if you don’t know about it, how could you face it?


Well, I suppose you can, you just might just think you can’t at first.

You most certainly can step onto a cobblestone bridge, leading you to a beautiful castle

with golden, spiraling pillars towering over lush gardens.

But beyond that castle is unknown.

What you do know, though, is within that castle awaits a handsome prince, with honey-hazel eyes that drown you in their sweet sugar.

Just a simple thought, of a smile or look, twists your knees and pours ice on your stomach.


The prince is honest and kind.

He simply observes, before he speaks his words.

Those words are what turned your head and widened your eyes.


At first mention, you were focused.

At first sight, you were intrigued.

And at first words 

you were gone.

Priscilla is a senior at Michigan State University majoring in Marketing with a minor in Creative Writing.
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