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The Best Skincare Products that should be on your Christmas List


With the holidays approaching, finalizing your Christmas list is a must. The skin care products below are certain to be the best gifts to give or receive.

Glossier: The 3-Step Skincare Routine

This top-rated skin care product is bound to replenish any and all skin types. The 3-step routine uses a cleanser, moisturizer, and lip balm to enhance all areas. Using these products once a day will keep the skin nourished and flexible. The Milky Jelly Cleanser contains five skin conditioners to soothe while cleansing away any oils, makeup, and dirt. The Priming Moisturizer is helpful for bringing plenty of hydration to your face. Lastly, the Balm Dotcom is packed with antioxidants to nourish and soothe your lips. 

Truly: For Your Buns Bundle  

As seen all over Tik Tok, the brand Truly is hot and popular. This 2-step bundle is something many have never been seen before. It features a butt serum and polish. The butt polish works by firming and tightening, while minimizing cellulite. It holds heavy amounts of hydration to leave the surface glowing! The serum also works to diminish fine lines and discoloration. These products are rich in watermelon extract and proteins. 

CeraVe Skin: Renewing Night Cream

This inexpensive product is the best for using before bedtime. Overnight, this product softens and renews tired-looking skin. It also acts as a protection for your skin. This product is dermatologist recommended, using a ceramide and peptide complex within. This product is recommended for people trying to diminish wrinkles and fine lines. 

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

This product is on the rise and is the best shower cleanser for your body. This shea scrub is used all over the body, leaving skin glowy and smelling good. This product offers numerous scents such as Sugar Cookie, Cotton Candy, Coco Colada, Banana Muffin, and many more. Each shea scrub is packed with numerous scents and oils to leave the skin feeling soft. 

Peach and Lily: Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser 

This cleanser is a fan favorite and is bound to get rid of any makeup and pores. Without causing irritation, this foam product can be used on all skin types. This cleanser is good for all acne types, sensitive skin types, and all maturity levels. The main goals are to increase hydration and tightness.


Hopefully this list can help you decide what to put on your own wish list. If not, I’m sure someone close to you would enjoy any of these products.

Chloe West is a Junior at Michigan State University studying journalism and public relations. She writes for VIM Magazine, the Spartan Newsroom and Her Campus MSU.
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