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2021 is finally here and with so much going on in our world today, I found the perfect distraction to help get you through these tough times that we are all facing together. As you may know, Netflix is one of the biggest platforms to binge watch anything. We also have to give Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube and many other platforms some credit for their production of great movies and shows. I am going to present to you a list of must-see TV shows that my family and I have been binge watching through this pandemic. 

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix)

This show is mainly about a teenage witch named Sabrina Spellman who has adventures between the supernatural world and the mortal world. She has to choose between the two worlds and goes through many complicated situations where she finds herself building and breaking relationships between both worlds.

American Horror Story (Netflix/Hulu)

This horror series is so eccentric that every season is very different from the next. Each season is based off a theme like murder mysteries, slasher movies, cult leaders, haunted houses and apocalyptic crisis. What is totally unique about this series is that many of the actors play different roles each season and some of the seasons share an easter egg from previous seasons.

Elite (Netflix)

This foreign drama series surrounds a group of teens who transfer to a rich high school and have to face many challenges including bullying, sex, drugs and sexual identity — while struggling to figure out who was responsible for a students death. 

Tiny Pretty Things (Netflix)

This drama series focuses on the lives of a group of ballet students in Chicago. A murder mystery develops after a top ballet student gets pushed off top of an academy building. Her replacement tries to uncover the truth about who did it.

Movies and tv shows help guide us to connect, discover, grow, learn and dream the unimaginable. Don’t ever let anyone tell you watching TV is not important or a waste of time because without the privilege of watching these fantastic movies and shows, you can most definitely miss out on some of the world’s creative minds.

I'm currently a student at Michigan State University and I major in Neuroscience. I have a passion for music, writing, and science! Very excited to become part of the HC family!!
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