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With most classes being online this fall semester, it is instrumental to adapt and create a routine that helps you manage and maintain your mental health, grades, and this new lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to manage yourself this fall semester. 

 Invest in a pair of blue light glasses

Having online classes will increase your screen time and that could be your eyes. Blue light glasses are the type of accessories to invest in during this time as we transfer most of our learning situations online. You can find them on Amazon, Target and many more stores.

Your syllabus is your guide 

Your course’s syllabus plays a huge role in the ways you will navigate through your classes. Because you will not be having in-person courses, many professors will not consistently offer reminders and deadlines. It is your responsibility to look through and fully annotate your syllabus as they offer everything you need to know about your class. Write down all your assignments due dates and test days. Write down the professors and Teaching Assistants’ information in order to have an easy way to access it. Write down all the attendance and course policies that play a major role in determining your grade. Take the time to fully understand and know your syllabus — it’s your ultimate guide!

Create a routine that holds you accountable

Because we are going to be confined to our homes instead of physically going to school, it is important to create a routine that keeps you active and accountable. That routine can consist of you taking your zoom courses specifically at the library (or different locations other than your room) on a specific day or attending your online course after completing a morning exercise to keep yourself energized. Find ways to fully adapt to these current circumstances. 

Join or start a study group chat

With the pandemic preventing many in-person interactions, it is essential to keep in touch and interact with the students in your class to form a good understanding of the courses you are taking and to build a community during a time where it can be easy to isolate yourself to a point of loneliness. Use the social media outlets that give us the opportunity to communicate worldwide to find people taking the same course as you and create group chats and zoom meetings. This can be an effective way to form friendships while helping each other. 

Create an environment that excites you about learning 

Online courses can become repetitive and tiring when constantly sitting in the same environment. Take the time to reorganize your desk area by adding some fun artwork or switching it up once in a while. Check out Tik Tok and Pinterest for decorating ideas.

Use other resources to reinforce what you have learned

Online courses have increased the time that you have in your hands. Take this time and opportunity to reinforce what you have learned by working outside of the classroom. You can make pamphlets, research specific topics, make educational Tik Toks — and so much more!. Use this time to find what you’re passionate about through your studies. Online classes can lead students away from what they are learning with the lack of in-person presence. Use the extra time to fight that!

This school year might look and be different but our goals and what we are passionate about don’t have to change. We will adapt and get through this together!

Daniela Bondekwe is a sophomore at Michigan State University majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Film Studies and Italian. She enjoys hiking, making videos, trying different foods at different cities, and astrology.
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