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The Bachelorette: 5 Signs You’ve Found ‘The One’

One night 1 of The Bachelorette, Clare Crawley met Dale Moss, and proclaimed to everyone’s surprise: 


“ I definitely feel like I just met my husband. ” 

This without a doubt raised the brows of skeptics and non-skeptics, like myself. I remember saying to my parents, “Oh no, are we about to have another Luke P. situation?” To say that I was convinced that her feelings wouldn’t last would be an understatement. I was convinced that either someone else would turn her head, or that Dale would prove to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing; I was more so convinced of the latter. At The Bachelorette Roast, when all the guys were digging their claws into Dale, I thought that there had to be more to it than the guys’ jealousy. Maybe they were seeing a side to Dale that Clare and the rest of America weren’t seeing. So, I was waiting for him to mess up, and the show’s edits convinced me that he would: for example, that scene of Chris approaching Clare when she was waiting for Dale to propose (when Chris shows up, we all expect something to happen). 

I felt sad for Clare in advance, but blamed it on her not giving the other guys a chance. But their love proved all the doubters [me] wrong. Dale didn’t mess up. He proposed to Clare, and told her that he loved her back, making everyone that called Clare crazy for referring to him as her fiance on Week Two’s episode eat their words. She knew what we didn’t. Moreover, she and Dale Moss genuinely appear to be in love.

Still, this whole situation struck a curious chord within me, and I’m sure it did the same for others: How did Clare know that Dale was the one for her within seconds of meeting him? What does the one look like and feel like? Does the one cause you to have a similar reaction to Clare?

“ Oh my god, I’m shaking… Every other guy I felt confident with, but with Dale everything else went dark around me… I felt everything that I’ve never felt ever. ” 

To aid me in answering this, I thought about Clare’s and Dale’s journey on the show. Here are five signs from Clare Crawley’s short-lived season of The Bachelorette that you’ve found the one.


You Want To Spend Time With Each Other

When you’ve met the one, you want to spend time with them because there’s this desire to know everything there is to know, and to just simply be around them. Clare and Dale constantly wanted to be around each other, even if it was at the expense of being disrespectful of the other guys’ feelings and time. Whenever she was away from him, she gushed about wanting to be where he was and wanting to know what he was doing. And, when she was talking to other guys, he pretended to stumble into the wrong room, but still stayed even though it was “an accident”.

Priorities Change

When you’ve found the one, they become your top priority. You care about making sure that they’re okay, and vice versa; Their happiness is crucial to your own. When Yosef Aborady calls Clare Crawley tacky and classless and says that he had expected more from the oldest bachelorette, Dale quickly went to her to make sure that she was okay. While the other guys were admirably defending her, Dale was more concerned with comforting her.

There’s a Deep Connection

When you’ve found the one, it isn’t simply physical attraction. Rather, you connect on a deeper level and are able to be vulnerable with them. The connection goes below the surface. For example, Clare opened up to Dale about her mom, and he opened up to her about his older sister’s health issues; They understood and empathized with each other’s feelings.

You See No One But Them

When you’ve found the one, you don’t have the desire to be around anyone else but them. You become like a bull chasing the matador’s muleta, or like a deer in headlights. Clare only wanted to spend time with Dale. When she was on dates with the other guys, she was only thinking about Dale. When the guys made jokes about Dale, she used her entire time with them to ask questions about Dale, and then proceeded to not give anyone a rose because they cracked jokes on Dale.

Seeing Them Makes You Happy

When you’ve met the one, just the sight of them puts a smile on your face. In their presence, you feel bubbly as if their love has literally set you on fire. The morning of Clare’s date with Zach J, she told the cameras how happy she was to finally see Dale and that she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Dale and Clare seem to have found the one in each other. It seems that love-at-first-sight is possible and when you know, you’ll know. If there’s a deep connection, your priorities change, you want to spend time with them, you become a deer in headlights, and simply the sight of them brightens your day, you may have found the one

All the best to Dale and Clare!


Kadrianna Cohen is a sophomore at Michigan State University. She is studying Political Science and Criminal Justice. She aspires to be a published author and lawyer one day, specifically one that specializes in Criminal Law. In her free time, she enjoys singing, reading, writing and spending time with her friends. She's also a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian who strives to continue growing in her faith with God.
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