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Artists That Make me Feel Like I’m in a Late 90’s/ Early 2000’s Rom Com

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The sun’s out, making the water sparkle and the shadows dance on the pavement. The day feels full of potential, and you want to revel in it. You want to feel like you’re in a late 90’s/ early 2000’s rom com. 

The entire discographies of Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail, and beabadoobee radiate this energy, but I’ve listed 6 songs from each artist as a starting point. 

Soccer Mommy 

From For Young Hearts:

“3am at a Party” 

“Blood Honey” 


From Clean:

“Your Dog” 


“Scorpio Rising” 

Snail Mail 

From Lush: 


“Speaking Terms”

“Full Control”

From Habit:





From Beatopia:



“Sunny day”

From Our Extended Play:


From Loveworm:

“Apple Cider”


“She Plays Bass”

Happy listening! I hope you enjoy these musical picks.

Bella is a student at Michigan State University and is the social media director for Her Campus at MSU. She is a lover of art, poetry, literature, film, music, and nature. Understanding and analyzing art as a reflection of society and a mode for social change is something that fascinates them.