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Amy Hair ’18

Name: Amy Hair

Major: Social Work

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Macomb, Michigan


Why did you choose MSU? I didn’t always know that I wanted to go to MSU, but after my first visit to campus, I fell in love with the school. I loved the campus, everyone I talked was so friendly and it really just felt as though I belonged here.


What’s your favorite thing about MSU? My favorite thing about MSU has been the sense of community. Even at such a large university, there’s such a strong sense of community among Spartans.


How did you learn about Alternative Spartan Breaks? I learned about ASB through friends. My freshmen year, I was looking for ways to get involved on campus and eventually came upon ASB. I applied and went on my first trip, and it not only made me change my major to Social Work, but also really changed the way in which I look at the world.


What is your favorite part about ASB? My favorite part of ASB has been going on the trips. Each trip is so unique, and you have the opportunity to be involved in great service opportunities. It gave me the opportunity to be involved in something that really helps to create positive change in the world. Participating in trips also has also allowed to meet so many amazing people that I most likely would have never met had I not been a part of ASB.


You’ve been on two ASB trips so far. Tell us a little bit about each one? During my first trip, I was a participant and our social issue was Indigenous Rights on a Native American Reservation. During the week, we helped out with everything from organizing food pantries to repairing homes. I had never been on a reservation prior to this trip, and the whole experience was extremely eye opening. It gave me that chance to not only learn about a social issue, but live with and learn about the native culture and the issues they face first hand.

During my second trip, I was a site leader and our issue focused on child poverty. Throughout the week, we assisted in a daycare program where 98% of the children are living below the federal poverty line. Our trip took place right after the holidays, so we helped clean up a warehouse that was used as a holiday store, worked with the children and helped with other tasks around the facility. On the trip, we were not only helping in the classrooms, but also learning about the wide range of larger issues that contribute to child poverty.


What was your favorite part about being a site leader? My favorite part about being a site leader was helping to create a memorable week for participants. I had amazing site leaders during my first ASB trip, and they really inspired me to apply and be one myself. I really wanted to give participants the same amazing ASB experience that I had.


You’re a site leader for a trip this spring. Tell us about what you’ll be doing on this trip? My trip in the spring deals with food deserts and creating an affordable source of food for residents. We will be working on an urban farm that was created in response to the lack of affordable and healthy food in the community. While working on the farm, we will have the opportunity to learn all about urban farming first hand while providing service.

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