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Amnesty International for Students: A Brief Guide

Are you interested in working with international humanitarian rights campaigns but don’t know where to start? You could start by joining or starting your university’s chapter of Amnesty International! Amnesty International, founded in 1961, was created in response to the repression of free speech and has since sparked a worldwide movement for the defense and development of human rights. In consultation with their online platform, AI describes their mission:

“All people have fundamental human rights. But those rights are abused or denied every single day. When that happens, Amnesty International finds the facts, exposes what’s happening, and rallies people together to force governments and others to respect everyone’s human rights.”

An end to gun violence, defending free speech, freeing people from ICE detention centers, and policing of Black Lives Matter protests are the organization’s current priority campaigns. Amnesty International also features in-depth information about violations and challenges around the world, such as the impact of COVID-19 on marginalized communities and what you can do to help. Additionally, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the organization has advice and tips for safe in-person activism and alternative activism online. 

If you are interested in taking action, you can visit the Amnesty International website here.

Madelynn Webb is a freshman at Michigan State University, studying International Relations and Religious Studies. She enjoys learning about social issues, learning languages and raising awareness for feminist-based causes. Her goal is to become a law professor and work in academia and travel. More than anything in the world, she would love to settle in Italy and farm oranges with her friends.
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