The Lalasmiling Girl In Mickey Mouse Ears

Am I a Disney Adult? A Checklist to See if You’ve Taken It Too Far


You may have heard the term Disney Adult thrown around once or twice if you are a regular user of platforms like tiktok. This term basically means if someone is a Disney Adult, they are very much obsessed with the idea of spending most of their disposable income to travel to a Disney park or buy merchandise from the parks, they choose Disney movies to rewatch rather than watching anything new, and when people bring up anything Disney in any way, they normally take over the conversation with a sentence like “when I was in Walt Disney World last month...” If you have resonated with any of these statements, you may just be a Disney Adult. Count the number of phrases that match you and check to see at the bottom if you are a true Disney Adult. 


  1. You have gone to Walt Disney World or Disneyland at least once since you turned 16

  2. You have gone to Walt Disney World or Disneyland at least once in the last three years

  3. You have been to an international Disney Park

  4. You have gone to a non-park Disney Property like Aulani

  5. You have bought Disney merchandise online or at a store not in the parks

  6. You have some kind of Disney Decor in your house/apartment/dorm

  7. You have one or more Disney books on your coffee table

  8. You jump to correct people when they are wrong about something Disney related (Star Wars and Marvel counts)

  9. You are not ashamed to wear your Mickey or Princess shirts in your regular life

  10. (Pandemic Question) You have a Disney mask and/or hand sanitizer case

  11. Most of your friends would classify you as a Disney Adult even if you don’t

  12. You currently have a trip booked for Walt Disney World or Disneyland

  13. You follow Disney accounts on Social Media (especially Disney Parks on tiktok)

  14. You have paid for Premium Access at least once on Disney+

  15. You have Disney as your lock screen, homescreen, and/or one of your widget photos

  16. Your friends send you Disney-related content through social media

  17. You have seen a Disney Broadway show (or traveling company)

  18. You have tried to make a Disney parks recipe at home 

  19. You have named or have thought about naming a pet or child after something Disney

  20. You have traveled to Florida or California without visiting a Disney Park and it made you temporarily sad


How did you do? Find out here:

0-5 checked: You are definitely NOT a Disney Adult, but they have done nothing wrong. Stop making fun of them on social media.

6-10: You have some Disney in your blood, but you aren’t quite there yet. Check out your local Disney store in the mall next time you are there and see what happens. 

11-15: You are a Disney Adult lite. Either travel is your passion but you don’t bring it home with you or you just can’t quite afford that big trip you’ve been wanting to take. You will get there!

16-20: You are a true Disney Adult! Hot Dog, you have found your Happily Ever After, now go enjoy a Dole Whip and a rewatch of your favorite underground classic on Disney+ (probably Treasure Planet or Atlantis)