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Alexis Kontorousis ’18


Name: Alexis Kontorousis

Year: Junior

Major: Biosystems Engineering

Hometown: Fenton, Michigan


What is Engineers Without Borders? EWB is national club that aims to engineer sustainable solutions around the world. At MSU, there is a student chapter where students participate in local volunteering, fundraising, engineering projects and two international projects.

What is your favorite thing about EWB? The dedication of all of the students is so inspiring and one of my favorite things. It takes countless hours a week from all members to create and implement our designs. Being able to give my time and talents to communities who need the help is my other favorite part.

You went to Tanzania last winter break to work on a project for EWB. What is the project? We are designing and implementing a rainwater catchment system on the roof of a school. The water is caught in gutters, filtered through a slow sand filter to remove any particles in the water, purified to remove pathogens in the water and stored to be used for drinking, washing and cooking for the 800 staff members and students.

Is there a way others outside of EWB can help with this project? Check out our website to find news on events and fundraisers. You can also donate to the international projects which goes towards travel costs and materials to build the system. You can also find our Facebook group and Twitter account on the website.

What was your favorite thing about Tanzania? I don’t think I can decide on one favorite thing, but Tanzania is a beautiful country right on the Indian Ocean! The country has national parks where lions, giraffes, elephants, zebras and just about every African animal you can think of reside in. Going on a safari was the most amazing thing I have ever done! Also, meeting Tanzanian folks was my other favorite part. They were some of the kindest, happiest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

When are you returning to Tanzania to finish the project? Our next trip is planned for summer 2017, and then there will most likely be 2-4 more trips in the next three years.

If someone wanted to get involved with EWB, how would they go about doing so? EWB meets every other Tuesday in room 1225 of the Engineering Building. You can follow our Twitter or Facebook for updates on meetings!

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