Alexis Frederick

Name: Alexis Frederick

Year: Junior

Major: Social relations and policy

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Role at MSU Dream Team: President

When did you join Dream Team?

I joined my freshman year.

What is MSU Dream Team?

MSU Dream Team is a women’s empowerment organization focused on sisterhood and being a support system for women across campus.

How does Dream Team empower women?

We empower women by being supportive, creating bonds and a family away from home, making meetings that focus on positivity and giving affirmations at meetings.

What is the most challenging part of being president of Dream Team?

The most challenging part is not getting frustrated when there is a lack of communication or when I have to repeat answers to questions I already answered. .

How does Dream Team get involved on campus?

We get involved by doing community service once a month, host events once a month, show support by going to other events and by organizing bonding events.

What makes someone a powerful woman?

Positivity, giving back and spreading knowledge.