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A Barista’s Pick of the Best Fall Drinks

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

The weather is a little cooler, and the leaves are crunchier, so you know what that means: Fall has arrived! This season is supposed to be a doozy, with the weather going from warm to freezing in an instant. It’s important to find the perfect drink to go along with these drastic changes! Therefore, as a barista, I have taken it upon myself to create a list of the best fall drinks to keep you nice and cozy this season!

  1. Apple Cider

Now, I know what you are thinking. Apple cider is boring. However, I feel as though apple cider is a staple of fall. One way to spice up your cider (no pun intended) is adding nutmeg, cinnamon, and apple pie flavoring to it! Another way I have tried to spruce up my apple cider is by adding chai to it. I was not the biggest fan of the final product, but I thought it deserved a bit of recognition for creativity.

  1. Pumpkin Spice Latte

How could I not include this on my list? I feel like a pumpkin spice latte is a staple of the season! My preference is specifically to order my latte hot with oat milk, but honestly, hot or iced, this drink is perfect for fall!

  1. Pumpkin Chai

This combination of pumpkin and chai is perfect for this season. I’ve never had a bad rendition of this drink. Whether it’s from your everyday café or Starbucks, with their rendition of an iced pumpkin chai with pumpkin cold foam (which is scrumptious unless you have an irritable bowel), you can never go wrong with a pumpkin chai!

  1. London Fog

This drink doesn’t typically come up when you think of fall, but it is perfect for when you are craving a nice little kick on a warmer autumn day. You can never go wrong with an iced London Fog!

  1. Honorable Mention: Apple Crisp Macchiato from Starbucks

I didn’t want to officially include this as one of my picks for a fall drink because I absolutely despise this one. To me, it tastes like a candle. However, some people love it, and it is fall-themed, so it makes the perfect honorable mention.

Spooky season may have passed, but that just means fall is ramping up! Cherish this season, because soon enough, it will be time to break out the winter drinks. Until then, hopefully, you can cozy up with a warm or iced drink from this list!

Anna is a sophomore studying preveterinary medicine at Michigan State University and is so excited to be a part of Her Campus at MSU! Although her major is not anything writing related she has a big interest in journalism and any sort of creative writing as a whole. Anna hopes that her articles bring joy to anyone who reads them! In her free time Anna enjoys kayaking, paddle boarding, reading, and painting! Anna has pretty low expectations and is happy pretty much anywhere close to nature. If she's not on the beach, you can find Anna at a coffee house because despite having a heart condition Anna has a crippling caffeine addiction. Anna believes that she single handedly could keep Starbucks in business with the amount of times she goes a week! Anna’s one saving grace from being a woman in STEM is her dorm cat Poppy, who keeps her sane and is often featured on Anna’s social media (although some may say the amount of times Poppy is “featured” Anna’s accounts are just as much Poppy’s as they are Anna’s). You can find Anna on snapchat and instagram at “awiezperson” (a pun Anna thinks is hilarious but in all reality is not).