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7 Tips on Landing a Killer Summer Internship


Having an internship will give you a leg-up on all of your other colleagues. Interning can be some of the best experience you get before graduation. Check out these tips on landing that perfect summer internship.


1. Use your resources.

Chances are, your school has a career or job search engine. Attend job fairs and networking events. You never know who you might meet. If your school does not offer a search engine or job fairs, use national search engines like Job Monster, Craigslist and Simply Hired.


2. Don’t be shy, and don’t wait.

Apply for internships that make sense with your major. But, don’t be discouraged from applying if you don’t meet all of the requirements on the application. An internship is a chance for you to learn. Employers are not expecting students to have lots of relevant experience. Also, don’t wait until the last minute. Employers start locking in on summer interns during the beginning of the winter semester.


3. Be specific.

When you find an internship that you are interested in, try to find a specific contact person to send your information too. Address your cover letter to a real person. Never just use, “To Whom it May Concern.” Directly contacting someone will show that you are interested enough to take the time to do some research. Try to send an email with your resume and cover letter to that contact as well, not just a general company email.


4. Keep in touch.

If you haven’t heard back in a week, send another email. Tell the contact that you applied and would enjoy any opportunity to discuss any possible positions. Your original email may have gotten lost in their inbox, or they didn’t recognize the sender.


5. Interview with confidence.

Prepare for your interview ahead of time. Have your parents, roommates or friends ask you potential questions. Think of questions to ask the interviewer ahead of time. Remember that you’re also interviewing the employer. Don’t take an internship just to say you had one. Make sure it will be a good fit for you.


6. Send a thank-you.

Send a thank-you card to the interviewer. If you can, send a handwritten card thanking them for their time. Even if you don’t get the job, the employer is more likely to remember you for future positions and may even mention your name to another employer.


7. Don’t be frustrated.

Especially in the springtime, there are lots of students trying to find internships for the summer. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t hear back, even after submitting multiple applications. Keep at it. Finding an internship isn’t an easy task. But with hard work, you will find the most suitable one for yourself.

My name is Shelby, I am an Advertising major pursuing minors in both PR and Graphic Design. I love being around people and experiencing new cultures, ideas, and beliefs. Some of my best memories here at MSU are spent with my best friends. My all time favorite quote is Maya Angelou's "I've learned people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."
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