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6 Ways To Make This Election Season Go a Bit Smoother

For anyone who turned 18 this year or anyone who is particularly curious about this year’s election, election season can seem extremely overwhelming. There are always nasty advertisements on TV, untruthful accounts spreading information on social media, and it can quite literally look like two toddlers fighting on television. Luckily, I’ve compiled some helpful resources that I have used to make this election season not so overwhelming. I hope to help you find the right candidates that you agree with. It’s important to be over-educated about this particular topic than under-educated, after all, this is our future.

Reading PolitiFact.com

This website works tirelessly to remain as objective as possible. It’s primary job is to fact check what a politician says during rallys, events, speeches, on social media, and everything in between. This website even gives a “Truth-O-Meter” which rates things said in the media by other reporters as well as candidates themselves. I found this resource especially helpful when I first started paying closer attention to the candidates themselves and the things they would say on social media, along with keeping it as a close resource during the recent debates.

Looking through Vox.com

I like Vox.com especially because it gives more of a modern, relatable look at the problems around us today. While this website does give great information about the 2020 election, it also provides other articles that help with everyday life and issues. Vox.com gives both sides of this never changing two-party political system which gives readers a wide range of opinions and information. I used this source as a way to see both sides of the party without it seeming too biased (compared to looking at something like Fox News vs. CNN).

Stay Connected with the News

As depressing and turbulent as every news outlet can be, staying up to date with every event is going to be your “best friend” during election season. It’s as easy as downloading news apps on your phone or reading the newspaper once a week. Personally, I subscribe to news outlets that will send me daily emails on events from the day prior (i.e. The New York Times). This has made me more aware of what goes on every day and if I’m interested within a topic, I am able to start my research with thus source and then expand my knowledge through other sources if need be.

Talking to your Peers, Friends, and Family

Explaining how you are feeling throughout this election season is extremely important! Everyone has different views and at times, things can seem really overwhelming. Talking with those that you feel comfortable with will allow for you to potentially see other sides of the spectrum or find people who you have similar opinions with. Remember, it’s important to have educated discussions with people when it comes to topics like politics and it’s important to respect everyone’s opinions, no matter the ideology.

Google the Candidates

A Google search is your best bet when wanting to find out everything about a particular candidate. This will provide you with millions of websites and resources that all deal with whomever you are searching for. I know I have run down many, many rabbit holes looking through resources about candidates. It can get messy as there are several biased websites for both parties out on the world wide web, so take extra precaution to check each website’s credibility.

Find Out What You Believe In

Nowadays, it’s easy for people to be persuaded about basically anything: what toilet paper to use, what shoes are trendy, how to raise a child, etc. It’s best to figure out what your own beliefs and opinions are without the voice of someone else looming over your shoulder. My best advice is to always do your own research, especially when you are just starting to figure out this whole world of politics. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be curious about things you don’t know much about.

It’s a big scary political world out there and it’s easy to be swept into the drama if you’re not careful. This list is my opinion and personal experiences of what I have done to educate myself within the realm of politics. I hope that you are able to take something from this article and find candidates based on your opinions. Happy voting!

Gabriella is a sophomore at Michigan State University majoring in journalism. After she finishes her undergraduate degree, she hopes to take a year to travel and experience cultures before getting back into school for her master's degree. She hopes of one day becoming a food critic or a travel writer. She loves learning different recipes as well as staying on top of fashion's latest topics and pop culture moments.
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