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Exam week is definitely one of the hardest weeks during a college student’s semester. If you’re anything like me, juggling exams, projects, and essays  may seem a bit overwhelming right now. This article is here to give you a few tips to survive this upcoming exam week.

  1. Find a study place that you can focus best in, but also be comfortable in.

Personally, I really struggle studying for exams in my room or at home in general. I find that I get distracted with a million other tasks that aren’t my school work. More recently, I have begun to carve out time in my day to somewhere comfortable to study. I have really been loving going to the MSU library. I love to go there, get my favorite drink from Starbucks, and search for a comfortable place, preferably one that is less crowded. If there is any part of me that is distracted or unsettled, I find that I don’t put my best foot forward in my school work, so taking the time to find that cozy corner where I can study is essential.

2. Make as many to-do lists as needed.

I am a list person to my core. I find that breaking down a larger task into smaller to-do list type tasks makes everything seem more achievable and less overwhelming. I also find it so satisfying to check off each task as I finish them. For example, if you have an upcoming essay to write that seems super overwhelming due to the word or page demand, break up that essay into different tasks and check them off as you complete it. You can break it down by paragraph, page, section, or however eases the overwhelming ache of a long essay. 

3. Give yourself time to relax. 

This tip is something everyone constantly forgets about, especially in a busy week like exam week. Oftentimes, there are so many different things going on that we never take a moment to take a breath and give our brain a break; Even a short 20 minute break during an overwhelming day to just focus on yourself and your wellbeing. I love taking the time at night after a long day to take a hot shower and ease my muscles, get into some cozy pajamas, get my favorite snack, light some candles, and just really center myself. Relaxation comes in all different forms for people, so find what brings you peace and channel that. 

4. Try out different ways to study

Just because the way someone else studies works for them, doesn’t mean it will work for you. If you are more of a hands-on person who needs to see and hold something to comprehend information, flash cards or a white board might work best for memorization techniques. If you are someone who uses repetition to memorize, something like reviewing a Quizlet, or rewriting class notes several times might help your brain memorize information. There are an infinite of more ways to study information so be sure to find the technique that works best for you 

5. Lock in a routine.

I have found that the better I am at a daily routine, even down to the time I wake up and go to sleep, the more relaxed and more energized I am. I love the reliability of a routine, and how even though there are an abundance of other things that may be stressing you out, you still have this routine to stick to that is consistent. I like to start my day with a simple task of making my bed every day. Doing this when I wake up sounds so simple, but it’s actually something that really helps me feel like my life is a bit more put together, even if it really isn’t. A routine is something that can bring some relief to your life in such a chaotic time.

There are probably a million more tips I could come up with to help you survive exam week, but these five really encapsulate so many different elements that can improve your wellbeing during this overwhelming time. It’s important to remember that no matter how many things you may have on your plate right now, that very soon, it will all be over and done with. There is the brightest light at the end of the tunnel and all of that hard work is going to pay off. Good luck on those exams, and don’t forget to put your mind, and body first above all!

Mya is currently a 19 year old sophomore at MSU majoring in Communication. She loves to read, write, and listen to music. She aspires to one day become a publicist for a major music company. She is just beginning her first year with HerCampus and is super eager to be involved in the chapter. Mya's particular writing interest involve writing a lot about current media, music, and and important issues going on within society. She specifically loves to talk about anything Taylor Swift related, so that tends to be a common theme in her work. To follow Mya on social media you can follow her instagram @mya.barr