5 Things You Didn’t Realize You Were Thankful For Until Now


Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on all of the wonderful things there are to be grateful for. Let’s not let these five underrated items slip our minds this holiday season.


1. Laptop Hinges

Thank you, Laptop Hinges, for keeping my MacBook upright and focused, even when I  can’t say the same for myself.


2. Outlet Covers

Thank you, Outlet Covers, for shielding me from electrocution every time I go to flip the light switch on and off. I am considerably less lit because of you.


3. Table Salt

Thank you, Table Salt, for making my food equally as salty as the inevitable post-election dinner table conversation.


4. Cork

Thank you, Cork, for creating my two favorite sounds - a wine bottle opening and wedges on a hardwood floor.


5. Suction Cups

Thank you, Suction Cups, for holding up my razor in the shower for weeks, and thus being more reliable than my ex.