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Is your playlist in a drought? Have you been wanting to find new music but just don’t know where to start? Maybe Spotify is suggesting new music but it’s just not what you’re looking for?

Well, if any of this applies to you, then this article is your one stop shop for a few new songs to add to your playlist. With Adele’s new drop on October 16th, everyone’s playlist seemed to find at least one new single, but fear not, because I’ve got five more to get you in your feelings, out of them, or just a song to sit back and relax to

“Coastin’” by Victoria Monèt

Imagine this: It’s a summer evening at the very end of August. The evening hasn’t gotten any cooler than the day. The sun has just lowered but it’s nowhere near late enough for it to be setting. You’re out, having a bit of fun and then you hear it. The perfect summer time song to get you out of your seat. The heat sheds off your skin and all you can do is move to the beat of that amazing song you hear pouring out of the speakers of someone’s radio. The song is more than likely Victoria Monèt’s perfectly crafted, mid-tempo, summer heat infused “Coastin’”. With it’s bass driven beat and 90’s R&B flavor, “Coastin’” is both the perfect song for a summer night dance or even-as the song’s title suggests-a summer night coast in the city. Victoria Monèt seems to have the inability to pump out a bad song and this one sits at the very top of the best songs in her catalogue. Whether it’s a summer time night out, or a fall night in, “Coastin’” is a perfect song to end your playlist drought.

“A Greater Love” by Yves Tumor 

There are very few songs that strike my ears and become immediate classics. Among the ranks are those of the likes of “Kiss it Better” by Rihanna or “Adore” by Prince. With this in mind, it is no wonder, this titan of a song has torn through my playlists and planted itself firmly on my list of all time favorite songs. Coming from the beast of an album that is Heaven to a Tortured Mind, “A Greater Love” by Yves Tumor takes on a Prince like persona, boasting acid rock like flare and erotic filled lyrics coupled with vocals that are sure to massage the deepest corners of your mind. The song flaunts fantastic vocals from both Tumor and the ever mysterious musings of Clara La San. This song is a perfect storm of masterfully crafted composition, perfectly written lyrics, and vocals delivered directly from the heavens. From Tumor’s brash voice declaring their love to Clara La San’s perfectly placed ad-libs crawling beneath the harshness of Tumor’s voice, this song is easily a 10/10 and it’s certain to take your playlist to new heights.

“One in a Million” by Aaliyah

One of the highlights of my year has been the arrival of Aaliyah’s long awaited  catalogue on major streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. With it’s arrival came a whirlwind of nostalgia and discovery, as I had never had the opportunity to listen to all of her music. To my surprise, many people were unaware of the gem that is “One in a Million” until Normani’s “Wild Side” took a sample of it. “One in a Million” is arguably one of R&B’s greatest hits, turning the tide of the genre and boasting a composition so far into the future that the time of it’s conception is often questioned. With the production of music great Timbaland, and the vocal musings of R&B princess Aaliyah, the song was a hit even before it came to grace radio stations in the 90’s. This song has stood the test of time, each listen sounding as fresh and relevant as music today. The slow jam moved R&B into a fever pitch taking elements from influences like Hip-Hop and creating a sound that only Timbaland could curate. Whether this is a new staple for your listening pleasure or a nostalgic throwback, this Aaliyah track belongs on your playlist because it is arguably one of the greatest R&B songs of all time.

Thirty Weeks” by Paper Castles

If “oldie but a goodie” had a soundtrack, this underground indie track would be it’s opening number. This incredibly underrated track came out 7 years ago in 2013 and boasts all the tropes of a great indie song with rough vocals, brash guitar, and most of all, midwestern charm. This song is the kind of music playing in the background of a small town coffee shop while rain patters up against the window just outside. It’s the kind of music made for movies set in the middle of nowhere with characters deemed nothing more than misfits. It is a wonder to me how this song has slipped through the cracks for so long. Front man Paddy Reagan’s voice brings the already phenomenal track to new heights as he sings with just the right amount of exhaustion and emotion as the song’s lyrics paint. This slow burning track will bring some small-town feel to your playlist now filled with all kinds of flare meant for the big city.

“150” by Porij

To cap off our list I have saved a great treasure hidden among other treasures. I have accepted the truth that I am a guitar nerd and any time I find music with a great guitar presence, it is sure to make it to my playlist before I ever get the chance to hear any vocals. “150” by Porij boasts a different kind of guitar- the kind that has taken effects and completely altered the the instrument into a new one entirely. Upon first listen, I couldn’t tell that there was a guitar being used, but at the first slide, I was certain the Porij was doing something amazing with the instrument. Using some major chorus and delay pedals, Porij creates an amazing soundscape for your listening pleasure and sets you in the middle of an alien-like planet filled with not only the amazing guitar riffage of the song, but some fantastic subtle vocals sprinkled throughout a mostly instrument driven track. The song starts out subtly and climaxes at a more intense peak that uses all the same musings of before but takes them to even higher heights. Though it’s essence is essentially calming, “150” has a mid-tempo groove that is hard to sit still in. Like “Thirty Weeks”, Porij’s song has flown beneath far too many radars, but lucky for you, it’s listing here has helped you discover a wonderfully crafted masterpiece of a song.

So that’s it; Five fantastic songs for you to enjoy. You’ve got a good mix of R&B, rock, and Porij’s genre busting masterpiece. Hopefully this list has helped revive your playlist. Be sure to listen with caution: The replay value of all of these songs is high.

My name is Jordan Morgan, and I am a sophomore studying journalism at Michigan State University. I love writing, reading. watching movies with my friends and family, and I love animals.
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