5 Shows You Shouldn’t Watch If You Want To Be Productive


Binge-watching shows on Netflix is everyone’s favorite thing to do, but for collegiettes, it can be a really bad idea when trying to be productive. Here’s a countdown of the five shows that are so addictive that you should absolutely not start them at this point in the semester if you want to get anything done.


5. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is a classic small-town teenage drama, and once you start watching, you can’t stop. Once Lucas and Nathan stop hating each other and become best friends, you’re intertwined in the lives of the kids who live in Tree Hill.


4. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is scandalous and full of people who betray and love one another. It sounds cliche, but it is so very addicting. You’ll want to watch Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen go after one another and make up over and over again.


3. The Vampire Diaries

Vampire TV shows and movies are common and somewhat overdone, but the Vampire Diaries is a good example of why everyone loves the vampire love story. Elena Gilbert’s love triangle between Stefan and Damon Salvatore and all of the supernatural problems in this show will have you hooked.


2. Scandal

Scandal starts a little slow, but then you’re in a rollercoaster of action. Olivia Pope is a professional “fixer” in Washington D.C., and this show gets into the corruption and cover-ups that happen within the government. Not only that, but Olivia has an affair with the President of the U.S. -- and although that sounds bad, you will be rooting for them more than anything in your own life.


1. Shameless

Before you watch Shameless, you scoff at the idea of wanting to see a dysfunctional family living on the southside of Chicago. You don’t think you’ll want to see their disgusting and despicable alcoholic father or the delinquent (but lovable) children. But after a few episodes, you’re absolutely hooked, and their lives become the focus of yours. It’s so addicting -- you can’t start it until after your semester is over.