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5 New Year’s Resolutions That You Can Actually Achieve

If you’re anything like me, New Year’s resolutions sound like a good idea until you actually have to get up and act on the (for me that’s going to the gym. However, I always feel like I should accomplish at least one goal by the end of the year. After long and thoughtful deliberation, I have compiled a list of resolutions that will bring you joy and are feasible amidst these difficult times. 


Do One Thing a Day That Makes You Happy

This could be anything as simple as petting your cute pet to eating one of your favorite dishes or anything in between. These last many months have been tough and doing something that makes you genuinely happy is the unexpected light at the end of the tunnel. Additionally, if you journal or have an interest in journaling, writing about your emotions in these hard times can be cathartic, while talking to people is difficult.


Take Lots of Pictures

The saying, “Take a picture; it’ll last longer”, rings true in following this achievable New Year’s resolution. Capturing the best moments of your life is a great way to remember those memories and look back in a year, five years, or whenever in nostalgia. Personally, my favorite way to do this is buying a disposable camera and getting the pictures developed. There is something about film that makes pictures so much more special than with a digital camera. And if purchasing a camera isn’t of interest to you, there’s a free app called David’s Disposable that applies a polaroid-like filter and develops the film the next morning!

Repeat Positive Affirmations to Yourself Every Morning

This can be a challenge if you’re like me and lay in bed contemplating life and checking your phone as soon as you wake up, but the payoff is worth it. Telling yourself that you are beautiful, intelligent, creative, passionate, etc. is the best way to bring up your self-confidence and bolster your self-worth! Even if you have to “fake it till you make it” positive affirmations have a huge payoff.


Talk with Family or Friends More

It’s easy to wrap yourself up in your own world. Trying to balance school work, social life, extracurriculars,sports/working out and everything else is not an easy feat. But setting time aside to connect with your loved ones or friends can be beneficial for all of you. It can be as easy as calling up a parent or grandparent or setting up a video chat with a friend. 


Prioritize Yourself

Nothing is more important than you and your well-being. Taking time for yourself should be something you do daily. Things you should do, but are not limited to are cutting toxic people out of your life, doing a face mask, buying those shoes that you have been saving up for, reaching for your goals no matter what people say. You need to do whatever puts your needs ahead of others’.

New Year’s resolutions often are a mind-trap that most commit to within the first month of the new year and then let go of entirely. Whether this be because their resolutions are too much to handle or the motivation is just not there, I hope that the resolutions I provided will allow you to see the new year from a different perspective. Just remember, this year is what you make of it, so make it the best one yet!

Gabriella is a sophomore at Michigan State University majoring in journalism. After she finishes her undergraduate degree, she hopes to take a year to travel and experience cultures before getting back into school for her master's degree. She hopes of one day becoming a food critic or a travel writer. She loves learning different recipes as well as staying on top of fashion's latest topics and pop culture moments.
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