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5 Middle Eastern Businesses in East Lansing To Support

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

As of January 21st, 2024, the death toll of Palestinian citizens have surpassed 25,000, and continues to grow every day during this ongoing genocide. We, as Americans, should utilize this time to voice our support for the Palestinian people. Therefore, as students in East Lansing, here are some Middle-Eastern businesses to support. 

  1. Mako & Co. 

Mako & Co. is a Yemini-owned coffee and pastries shop located on 565 E. Grand River Ave. The interior of Mako & Co. is decorated with murals from local artists, and the space can hold more than 75 people, making it a great study spot. The environment has a very modern-look to its mural art, seating, tables, and coffee bar. The shop has so many options from lattes, teas, pastries, smoothies, and traditional Yemeni-drinks, which exposes students to new traditions and atmospheres. Read more about the shop here.

  1. Jerusalem Bakery 

Jerusalem Bakery is a Palestinian-owned restaurant and shop for traditional Middle-Eastern products and ingredients located 1456 E Michigan Ave Lansing MI 48912. They also sell a variety of dishes from meat sandwiches like shawarma, kabob, kafta, veggie sandwiches with falafel, eggplant, hummus, desserts, and more. The owners are always so kind whenever I want to have a taste of home, and their dishes are always delicious, affordable, and made with authentic ingredients. 

  1. Tabooli 

Tabooli is a Middle-Eastern restaurant that offers diverse arrangements of bowls and wraps with authentic Mediterranean meats, vegetables, and hummus. They are located at 515 W Grand River Ave,East Lansing, MI-48823. Their cuisine is a great option if you’re looking for lunch between classes, or having dinner with friends! 

  1. Château Coffee Co.

Château Coffee Co. is a Middle-Eastern and French inspired coffee shop that is located on 1701 S Waverly Rd, Lansing, MI 48917. The shop offers a variety of coffee flavors and drinks, along with traditional Arabic coffee, French croissants, and Lebanese pastries. The ambiance of the coffee shop is a relaxing atmosphere, which is a great study spot for students. The owner, Tarek Chawich, born in Lebanon, is an MSU alumni who opened the shop in early 2022. Check out their website here.

  1. Sultan’s Restaurant

Sultan’s Restaurant provides a variety of authentic Middle Eastern cuisines and is located on 1381 E. Grand River Ave, East Lansing, MI 48823. The restaurant has food from sandwiches, soup, falafel, kibbe, grape leaves, and more. The atmosphere of the restaurant is beautiful and is a great spot for getting dinner or lunch. Look at their menu here.

Broadening your restaurant and food options is always an amazing way of gaining new insights into different cultures and discovering tasty new food options. As students, I believe we have the power and opportunity to uplift and support these businesses as they continue to grow and provide for the greater community in East Lansing.

Julius Patto attends Michigan State University, double-majoring in Professional and Public Writing and User Experience (UX/UI) Architecture within MSU's College of Arts. He strives to showcase his creativity and inspire others in the world, while also working towards prioritizing mental health and representation for immigrants and marginalized communities. Outside of his studies, he enjoys writing poetry and fiction stories, reading, being adventurous, traveling, and skateboarding.