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5 Essentials to Spruce Up Your Fall Wardrobe

With the weather getting chillier, it’s time to get cozy! This article contains 10 must-have items guaranteed to get you prepared to stay warm and look cute this fall!

Booties or Riding Boots

A pair of booties or riding boots are essential in the fall. They are great to keep your feet warm while also making any outfit look more put together!

Neutral Hat and Scarf

With a neutral hat and scarf, you can instantly warm up any outfit without worrying about matching.

A Vest in a Unique Color

Every girl seems to have a classic black vest. Stand out and stay warm with an interesting color.

Blanket Scarf

A nice bulky blanket scarf is essential for the autumn cold. A plaid patterned one definitely screams fall!

Fleece Leggings

I am definitely guilty of wearing leggings almost every day. As it gets cold, I transition to a thicker fleece material so I can still get the comfort of leggings, but stay warm as well!

These items can be used to help transition your summer wardrobe into the fall. As the weather changes, adding these basics to your fall wardrobe will spruce it up and ensure you stay warm during any fun fall activities, especially outdoors!

I am a junior at Michigan State University. I am interested in fitness, beauty, fashion, and crafts.
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