5 Easy Hair Styles for Every Look

Three weeks into fall semester and many of us are already hitting the snooze button six times... okay 10 times. With that, we need ways to cut down the morning routine to make up for sleeping in. Thankfully HC is here to help with some quick and easy hair tips for all you lazy Spartans.


The Classic Bun

There is no better time to throw your hair up in a bun and get away with it. The bun can take minutes to do. It can be worn with a sweatshirt on your laziest days, or even with a cute going out look. From the runways to the classroom, this look can save you time and get you the compliments you deserve.

The Head Band

Roots looking a little oily? Throw a thick head band in and call it good! It's the perfect accessory to hide that hair you haven't had the time to wash. Not only is it a cheap accessory, and can be found almost anywhere, you can find the perfect one to match your outfit. Throw a few loose curls in and you can make this hair style a great evening look.

The 1920's

Inspired by the 1920 flappers, try this new HC favorite look on your next lazy day. A style which can seem so chic and stylish, is a quick and easy up-do. Requirement: a thin head band. Tutorials for this look are all over Pinterest and Youtube and they're all less than 10 mins. 

The Braid

This look does not need an explanation. The braid, along with the bun, are the latest hair trends. But, just like every trend, they often get over looked and forgotten about. 

The Topsy Turvy

The "tops turvy" is an easy to do hair style and can be done with any types of hair. It creates a polished look and can be worn for any occasion.