5 Completely Virtual ideas for Events

If everything is still virtual for you and you’re feeling detached from your friend group or chapter of Her Campus, here are a few virtual event ideas you can try out!

  1. 1. Powerpoint Night

    There are a few different ways to do this one, but here are a few ideas of what you could do:

    - Have everyone pick their own topic and make their slideshows before the meeting starts and the present their own.

    - At the beginning of the meeting, randomly assign everyone (indiviudally or if there’s a lot of people you can do groups of 2-3)  to a topic! Give them 10-15 minutes to make their presentation. 

    - Have everyone make their slideshow beforehand and then at the meeting swap them around and have someone present someone else’s powerpoint that they’ve never seen before!

    Tips: If you’re having people pick their own topics, maybe have them signup beforehand. If you’re randomly assigning topics, have the list created beforehand! For my chapter, if we have a lot of people participating, we set it up so that the the number of the breakout room you’re in corresponds with the topic you get! Also, make sure to keep the topics weird and funny! Another idea would be to set a range for how many slides should be used.


  2. 2. Game Night

    Some ideas for game night are All Bad Cards (https://allbad.cards), having someone screenshare a ‘guess the song video’, or any other virtual game that you can think of!

    Tips: Make sure to do a trial run beforehand! Also, make sure that the person with the best internest connection is the person  screensharing/streaming!

  3. 3. Movie Night

    For this just have someone screenshare a show or movie! Same thing as the game night though - make sure to do a trial run and to have someone with good connection doing the screenshare.

  4. 4. Craft Night/Cooking Night

    This may be harder than most since everyone would have to get supplies, but if you have enough people interested this could be a great bonding experience especially to do in the comforts of your own home!

    Tips: Make sure everyone knows what you’re making beforehand and the supplies they need to get. The host should also be fairly knowledgeable on what you’ll all be making to be able to help anyone with questions.

  5. 5.   Group Workout or Dance Class

    This would be better if you had someone in your chapter or friend group that is super into something like dance or yoga so they could just host it and make it a comfortable environment for everyone. If you don’t have someone like that, you could just search something up on youtube! Of course, if you really wanted you could also hire a professional, but I think it’s best to try a youtube video or having someone in your group host it before hiring someone.

    Tips: Do something that everyone will be interested in and make it a comfortable environment!

Bonus Idea: Make sure you’re also checking in on everyone; weekly/monthly coffee chats or check ins are crucial right now. For these you can have themes of everyone dressing up or themes of topics to talk about, but just make sure you’re checking in on your friends during this hard time.