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5 Amazon Purchases that I Can’t Live Without


Scrolling through Amazon opens the opportunity to purchase over 12 million different products. These products range anywhere from everyday necessities to very obscure products. It becomes hard to figure out what one might need, especially when all the products seem to all serve a purpose one way or another. However, after countless orders from Amazon, here are the five best purchases I have made!

Rechargeable Hand warmers 

Throughout the years, I have been finding different ways to decrease my usage of disposal products. In the winter months, I found myself feeling guilty for using hand warmers and hated the fact that they never stayed hot. However, rechargeable hand warmers have changed the game. These stay warm for hours and can even act as a portable charger. If you find yourself getting cold at the office, school, or the library try out one of these hand warmers. 


Greeting Cards

I am always someone who purchases a gift for someone but always forgets a card till the last minute. To solve this issue, I looked to Amazon to find a bulk of blank cards to write for any occasion. However, to my surprise, these cards all had unique patterns. It makes it much more thoughtful as it allows you to pick a design that best fits the receiver!


Scalp brush

This is one of the products that I had thought I would never need. However, once you start to use a scalp brush you will be thanking me. It helps in promoting a healthy scalp by allowing gentle exfoliation and by stimulating the scalp. Best of all, it feels like a scalp massage every time you wash your hair!

Car Seat Gap Filler

I can not tell you how many times I have dropped my phone between the car seats. It always takes me a good five minutes to figure out how to twist my hand in a way that can reach my phone. However, this simple product completely solved that issue. It not only prevents anything from falling between the seats, but it also gives additional storage for your car. 

Running Belt

When I first started to run, I had hated how many different items I had to carry -  phone, earphones, keys, etc. I hated the feeling of losing something or even cracking my phone. Similar to a fanny pack, a running belt often has various different pockets to hold everything inside. However, a running belt sits securely against you. This means that the bag is not gonna hit you every time you take a step and gives you the option to run hands-free!

Hello! My Name is Lauren Kim. I currently have a license in cosmetology and am a sophomore attending Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. My aspiration after college is to work in a sustainable beauty brand that empowers women.
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