4 Ways to Make Friends Freshman Year

Your first year at college can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you aren’t super social. My first day on campus, it seemed like everyone already had their squads, so I immediately felt out of place. But, after the first couple of days, I realized that most people are alone and willing to branch out. So, if you are also willing to meet new people but don’t know how, here are four ways to make friends freshman year. 

  1. 1. Leave your dorm room door open

    As weird as it sounds, a lot of people leave their doors wide open, hoping someone will wander in. Just knock on their door and introduce yourself! 

  2. 2. Get involved in floor activities

    My floor has a group chat where the RA’s will send occasional texts about meetings and events they’ve set up. Even if the event is something you wouldn’t normally participate in, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. My floor played a game called Assassin, which is essentially a really intense game of tag. These activities force you to talk to people on your floor and can make lasting memories.

  3. 3. Go out with people on your floor

    Like I said before, our floor had a group chat where everyone was fairly active. At first, I was hesitant about going out with a bunch of strangers, but I realized excluding myself would only make me feel even more isolated. My second week at school, a girl asked if anyone wanted to take a quick trip to Bubble Island and I saw an opening. This kind of thing was definitely my cup of tea— pun intended. I’m so glad I went because I met a bunch of super cool people that I ended up making friends with!

  4. 4. Ask people in classes to study

    My psych class was in a huge lecture hall, so it felt like there was no way I was ever going to talk to anyone, let alone make friends. But when I went to ask my professor a question, I ended up having a conversation with a girl in line. She asked if I wanted to study together and I said sure and we exchanged numbers. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, especially when you have a class you’re struggling in. Chances are there are other students who are feeling the same way. 

College is an amazing opportunity to start putting yourself out there. Just remember that everyone else is in the same position is you. You’ll have your own squad before you know it!