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4 Ways Jamie Lynn Spears Can Teach You About Adversity


Star of one of the most popular shows on Nickelodeon in the mid-2000s, Jamie Lynn Spears has decided to return to the spotlight after leaving the hit show Zoey 101 in 2008. Her unexpected pregnancy changed her life, and she received a lot of criticism and backlash for her decisions – yet that did not stop her from pursuing her dreams once more. Here are four ways that Jamie Lynn Spears has overcome adversity in some of her toughest situations.


1. She stepped away from the spotlight.

Once the world found out that Spears was pregnant, the media bashed her. By temporarily stepping out of the spotlight, Spears was able to regroup without letting the media know everything that was going on in her life. She was able to care of herself as well as her baby.


2. She came back to the spotlight.

Once Spears formed her family and got older, she came back into the spotlight. Not only did she return to the spotlight, but she came back singing! Singing must run in the family, because she’s already making advances in her musical career.


3. She began her singing career.

Spears did not receive all positive feedback once she hit the stage. If anything, tabloids brought up her past and began judging her once she began to tell her story and explain what happened once she left Zoey 101. She ignored all of the negativity and began singing and songwriting which relaunched her career.


4. She keeps herself happy.  

Though Spears has been through a lot, she has always maintained her happiness. By stepping out of the spotlight and stepping back into the spotlight when she was ready, Spears has always made sure that she was levelheaded and ready for anything that came her way.


There may be many stressful events that happen in your life. Do not let that stress be the reason you call it quits on your dreams and passions. Always stay strong and carry on by stepping away when needed and getting back to work when you’re ready. Overcome adversity, and you are sure to be on the leading tracks to success just like Jamie Lynn Spears.

Ashley Reed is a freshman at Michigan State University. Her major is Electronic (Broadcast) Journalism and she aspires to become a TV personality, or in her words "the female version of Ryan Seacrest". Ashley is a very outgoing young lady with a bubbly personality and strives to work smarter and network to reach her goals. Ashley grew up in Detroit, MI and has a passion for writing on fashion, entertainment and current events. She loves creating new experiences and making new friends and is enjoying her college career. She has her own YouTube Channel Ashley Tioni as well as a small company - The BELLE Society, which focuses on girl empowerment. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @ashleytioni
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