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This year you may have more time on your hands in quarantine as the holiday approaches, so why not spend that time creating some homemade gifts for your loved ones! Here are three easy ideas for DIY gifts this season:

Woven Wool Blanket

Thick woven wool blankets have been all the buzz lately. They are cute, warm, and easy to make. They are also a great project to pass some time while relaxing in your house! All you need is some thicker, wool yarn and this video to teach you how!

Hot Chocolate Jars

Hot chocolate jars are a cute and simple gift to give to about anyone in your life! All you need is hot chocolate mix, any extra ingredients you would like to add (mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, peppermint, etc), a mason jar, and ribbon for decoration. You can also personalize the jars and make them as crafty as you want! 

Body Scrub

For anyone who enjoys pampering themselves, a homemade body scrub is a perfect gift! There are plenty of recipes out there, like this one for a Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Scrub. Just like the hot chocolate jars, you can also spice this gift up with a cute jar, ribbon, or tag!

It feels good to spend time on a gift that you know someone you love will really enjoy and right now is the perfect time to do it! Homemade gifts come straight from the heart so use these ideas to spread some joy this holiday season.

Lauren is a second-year student at Michigan State and is excited to join the Her Campus staff this year! She from Holt, MI and was in journalism in high school, which is where she found a passion for it that she hopes to pursue through HCMSU. She enjoys exercising, spending time with friends and family, attending concerts, sushi, and fostering animals!
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