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10 Years of 5SOS: The 5 Seconds of Summer Show Recap and Review

For their 10th anniversary, 5SOS released a song and live streamed ‘The 5 Seconds of Summer Show’ on December 3rd, 2021 on their Youtube channel. The song was an emotional whirlwind and you can read my first reaction to it on my page. The livestream consisted of performances of ‘She Looks so Perfect,’ ‘Out of my Limit,’ ‘Amnesia,’ ‘Jet Black Heart,’ ‘Gotta Get Out,’ ‘Young Blood,’ ‘Ghost of You,’ ‘Teeth,’ ‘Red Desert,’ ‘No Shame,’ and ending with their new song ‘2011.’

In between songs, there were lots of throwbacks, discussions, ads, memories, and so much more fit into an hour and 15 minutes worth of prime entertainment.

Within the first 30 or so seconds of the livestream, you could already see their different personalities that made us fall in love with them all those years ago.

As soon as they started playing ‘She Looks So Perfect’, years of memories came flooding back to me. This wasn’t the first song that I heard from them, but I still remember when I first saw the video and how it made little teenage me become a hardcore stan. It was around the time they were touring with One Direction, who I was also overly obsessed with at the time.

I didn’t appreciate the calling out of ‘Unpredicatable’ or even ‘Heartbreak Girl.’ They labeled these, along with some other songs, as ‘not bops’ and ‘their least greatest hits.’ I still stream both of those songs to this day and I absolutely love ‘Unpredictable,’ an absolute bop that I will fight over.

Remembering their first show, Ashton Irwin stated that they had “about 8 ½ minutes worth of music for a 30 minute set.” I don’t know why I found this so funny because from what we know about them, it doesn’t make sense to expect anything different.

Is it okay to cry now? At about 15 minutes in? Asking for a friend…

And we’re not even going to go into the fact that I still remember ALL the words to ALL of these songs better than I can remember content for my upcoming finals.

Plus, 10 years later, I’m not sure why or how, but people still seem to be confused on the number of members in comparison to their band name. You can view a TikTok they made earlier this week here, but they also talked about this during the show.

Probably my favorite commercial of all time, even as a marketing major, isn’t even a real commercial. This commercial will be the new standard, I don’t make the rules. The beautiful masterpiece that is 5SAUCE will be living in my head, rent free, for the rest of time.

My only complaint is there was no reason for them to throw our emotions around by going from a 5SAUCE ad into ‘Amnesia’ shortly after, there was no need for that.

It was also a little weird and kind of sad to see pictures that were once posters up on my wall, my lockscreen, and even posts on fan accounts so many years ago during my boyband phase.

Speaking of boybands, another debate that I thought had been settled was brought up. Luke Hemmings did say, however, “call us whatever you want, it’s about the music.” They did go into a full rage slightly after it, all jokes of course, but it truly is about the music.

Truly throwing us back into our boyband phase, we are blessed with ‘Gotta Get out.’ ‘Gotta Get Out’ 10 years later better get dropped on Spotify, that’s all I’m saying. I cannot go through the emotions of watching that transition every day for the next few weeks, I mentally cannot.

I loved these songs back in their prime, but they hit different now that I’ve actually grown up and can relate and reminisce on them.

They may have retired ripped skinny jeans but I can’t see myself ever getting rid of mine or loving other people wearing them – that might just be me though. I guess I can’t relate to the leather jackets, but I also don’t plan on retiring my graphic tees, bracelets, or piercings. #RIPLuke’sLipRing.

I feel like we just need to shout from the roof tops that pop punk will never die. Even when our favorite bands stop making music, we’re never going to stop loving them. We’re never going to forgot how these songs made us feel and how they helped us through some of the craziest years of our life.

We were able to see how much they’ve changed and yet they’re still the same guys we fell in love all these years ago. We are reminded of why we started listening to them and how much they mean to us.

In the mean time, I think it’s time to update my playlists. Thank you for 10 amazing years, I can’t wait to see what comes next and for the day that I get to finally see you live. You can watch The 5 Seconds of Summer Show here.

Kaytlyn is a junior at MSU majoring in Marketing and minoring in Creative Writing. She was involved in journalism throughout high school. She is also involved in the wrestling club at MSU. Kaytlyn is currently the VP and Campus Correspondent for HCMSU.
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