10 Reasons Why Galentine’s Day is better than Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again — the dreaded commercialized season of love. Luckily, Galentine’s day exists to remind you that you don’t need a partner to celebrate.

  1. 1. It’s another excuse for a girls night

    3 girls posing

    Galentine’s Day gives you an excuse to hit up your favorite girls and plan a night with no boys involved.

  2. 2. You can eat as much as you want of whatever you want

    women eating bruschetta

    Say goodbye to portion control and say hello to shoving your face! There’s no one to impress when it’s just the girls, so go ahead and indulge in as much chocolate, pizza and wine as you want.

  3. 3. It’s okay, (and slightly encouraged), to get sloppy wine drunk

    wine glasses at a table

    It’s expected that all the girls will be getting a little tipsy at the very least, but it’s a girls night so feel free to top off a bottle of wine if that’s where the night brings you. Or tequila. The world is your oyster.

  4. 4. There’s no pressure!

    Wolf yawning

    Unless you were invited to a girls night with a new group of ladies, there’s no pressure involved on Galentine’s Day. You don’t have to worry about having the first-date jitters or planning out an extensive evening with your significant other. All there is to stress about is not having a hangover when you roll out of bed the next morning.

  5. 5. You have no reason to shave!

    Pink razor

    Exfoliating and shaving every square inch of your body is a lengthy process, especially in the middle of winter when your legs haven’t seen the light of day since September. Luckily, there’s no obligation to shave for your girls.

  6. 6. It’s inclusive

    woman giving a gift to another woman

    Whether you’re dating someone or not, you still have a reason to make plans this Valentine’s season.

  7. 7. It’s something to celebrate in the dead of winter

    3 heart balloons

    I’m basically hibernating from January to March and face the outdoors as little as possible. The post-holiday and seasonal depression start to hit pretty hard around this time, so a holiday dedicated to drinking and eating with my closest friends is a perfect way to lighten up the mood.

  8. 8. It doesn’t require a lot of money


    You can get a bottle of wine and some snacks for less than $20 which is much cheaper than any Valentine’s date.

  9. 9. Self care night!

    4 tealight candles and towel

    It’s the perfect time to do facemasks and give each other mani-pedis with your favorite rom-com on in the background. Treat yourself!

  10. 10. Every day is Galentine’s Day

    valentine wine

    Dedicating a night to appreciating your girlfriends can make you realize it needs to happen more often. Don’t just celebrate your girls a few days a year, celebrate each other more throughout the year!

Happy Galentine's Day!