10 Fun Group Costume Ideas For Halloween

It’s October, which means spooky season is here!!!!

Halloween is right around the corner, and everyone is trying to pick out the perfect costumes for their night out! Here are my top 10 picks for group costumes this year!

  1. 1. Incarcerated Disney Princesses

    Who didn’t want to be a princess when they were growing up? Here is a grown-up  version of your childhood dreams that is sure to be a hit at any party!

  2. 2. Sanderson Sisters

    This is such a classic movie that watching it is a must at least once every year— so why not bring the magic to life and go as these evil witches?

  3. 3. KISS

    Rock on with this musical costume! It’s easy to throw together last minute, and there is no limit to the number in the group!

  4. 4. You Are What You Drink 

    Tequila shot takers? Rum and Coke gals? Maybe White Claw is your drink of choice! The possibilities are endless with this fun costume idea!

  5. 5. The 7 Dwarfs

    We all know the classic sneezy, dopey, and happy dwarfs. We also know the sleepy, tipsy, and clumsy college students. 

  6. 6. Spice Girls

    Friendship never ends in this group costume! Most people have outfits at home to fit one of the Spice Girls which makes it super easy to do!

  7. 7. Cheetah Girls

    Throwback to the teen years when this group was EVERYTHING! All you need is a tracksuit and the songs on  repeat!

  8. 8. The Purge

    This movie has taken halloween by storm! This killer costume is pretty easy to throw together— and get a little crafty! 


  9. 9. Boxers


    Knock out everyone at the party with this costume! Comfy, easy, and cute— what more could you ask for in a costume?


  10. 10. Pretty Little Liars

    Keep your secrets with this group costume inspired by the cult classic TV show Pretty Little Liars!

Now that you have some fun and unique ideas for your girl gang this holiday season, get excited! These are some fairly easy costumes for those last minute planners or groups that are stuck on what to do for their night(s) out! Have a happy Halloween, ghouls!