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Healthy Habits

As a new year begins and a traumatic one ends, forming healthy habits has been crucial to my routine these days. It didn’t all happen overnight, but slowly implementing these habits into my daily life has genuinely made all the difference.

  1. Daily Walks: This easily has to be my favorite part of the day. Not only am I being physical, but it has been a really great time for me to disconnect from my school work and never ending to-do lists. I catch up on podcasts, listen to music, and sometimes just silently take in the nature around me. My daily walks definitely clear my head and make my body feel good.

  2. Reading before Bed: This one was difficult to give my full focus to, but now I look forward to it! Like most people, I love to scroll through my phone into the late hours of the night, staring at Instagram posts and funny tweets. For the past week, I have been challenging myself to fall back in love with reading like I was in elementary school. Not only do I feel accomplished, but the reading also wears me out quicker compared to staring at my phone before bed. 

  3. Making Pinterest Boards: So before quarantine, I have never understood the hype around Pinterest. I never understood its purpose. Now, I save poems, recipes, outfits, cute wallpapers and so much more on one app! Not only does it organize all of these fun new hobbies, but it also helps me create vision boards of things I want to work towards. I have learned that manifesting things in your life can really come true, if you take the time to visualize it as your own.

  4. Self-Care Nights: Once a week, I unplug. It’s not the same night each week, but I try to squeeze it in my week no matter what. I use essential oils, do a face and hair mask, exfoliate my body, drink some green tea and just be. Sometimes I like to put on some Real Housewives, but sometimes it best just to lye in silence. Differentiates every week, but proper rest is important.

Although it can be challenging juggling everything in one day, taking time for yourself will help make everything more manageable. Try your best and be kind to yourself no matter what.


~Emily Smith


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