Why The Future is Female Movement is so Important to Me

Growing up in the early 2000s, I was exposed to a variety of central strong women characters represented in the film industry. Because of movies such as 13 Going on 30 and Legally Blonde, I had the idea that women were equal to men and oblivious that we live in a male-dominated society. Rather than feeling like I had to conform to society’s expectation of a woman being submissive and “lady-like”, I envisioned my future self in a pantsuit, confidently standing in front of a boardroom. This is why “the future is female” movement is both necessary and important. 

It wasn’t until my early teen years that I realized there is blatant sexism in a woman’s everyday life, especially in the south. From catcalls to sexist overtones in the workplace, a lot of my beliefs surrounding my self worth were challenged. Yes, most American women (especially heterosexual cis-gendered white women, like myself) have experienced some fair treatment; however, there are still conversations that ultimately conclude that there is still much work to be done. 

The idea behind ‘“girl power” is so important to me because I have already experienced sexist and ignorant remarks toward my work ethic and career goals before even completing my degree. To be clear, I know that my career path will and has included rejection and criticism, as will everyone's career regardless of gender. The problem is unfair treatment solely based on gender. “The future is female” is not a jab at men, but a celebration that women are just as deserving of a place at the office. This movement is not radical or women feeling superior by any means; it is simply women inspiring themselves to pursue their careers with confidence. And if men want to join the “extreme” idea that women deserve to be treated fairly, they are more than welcome to! Feminism is for every individual; it is not a cult of men-hating, bra-burning women. And it is not an oxymoron to call yourself a feminist if you are a male. So, next time you feel the urge to call someone a "sheeple" over social media for using the phrase "the future is female", you're the one creating the divide! (Yes, that happened.)

Pursuing a career in a male-dominated field is an intimidating idea for young women which is why we should surround ourselves with positive beliefs around women in the workplace to build our confidence from the time we are in pre-K. With a solid foundation, young girls grow up to be ambitious women. I remember growing up with neighbors, teachers, and family using empowering compliments such as “future CEO” or “the first female president” which made all the difference for my self-esteem. Implementing empowerment into young girls’ lives is what “the future is female” embodies. 

I am extremely passionate about fighting for equality in the workplace and honestly, the fight for women like myself is only a quarter of the battle as the discrimination for some women is worse than others. 

From female CEOs to female-founded companies, it is almost as if the “future” that we have been envisioning is now. With the mindset that women are just as capable, the future begins today.