Is Pretty Privilege Still Relevant in 2019?

Pretty Privilege is usually not noticed by the person who benefits from it. So is it a myth? Is it possible to base others' accomplishments and luck on their appearance? Some people say yes. In my opinion, it’s a strong maybe. 

Of course, people are more likely to gravitate to things they find appealing. But the appeal does not start and stop at physical features. Some of this “Pretty Privilege” is simply confidence which, if used correctly, is an appealing trait. Confidence in your ability and your work ethic can get you that A in your peer evaluation or get you the callback interview.

But, here’s another secret. Anyone can be “pretty” especially in today’s climate where trends come and go, and different is the new black. As long as you live in it, and wear it well people will respect it and become attracted to how much you respect your individuality.

Which ties back to confidence. To answer my question in the very first sentence, yes, it exists. Pretty privilege is real but whoever created the name used the wrong word. It’s confidence that allows people to move through life seemingly easier. So next time you hear someone being shamed for only getting that “A” due to pretty privilege. Or you are the victim of doing a great detailed presentation but, getting a lower grade than someone who did not do half the work. Think to yourself how was that delivery? Why were people attracted? Then use what you got, to get what you want! Which is the confidence of course! #PrettyPrivilege