Effortless Street Style Looks You'll Want to Copy This Semester

Ah, a new semester, a new wardrobe. When shopping for your on-campus essentials, you may be tempted to overdo it with stylish outfits. The truth is your closet will be full and your bank account will be empty; but, you will wear the same athletic shorts four times a week. When I asked my upperclassmen friends what to wear for college, they warned me that freshmen are notorious for naively dressing up for the first few weeks of classes. Of course, I was one of those naive freshmen and then my style quickly resorted to pairing sweatpants with whatever shirt was clean that day. But why not combine practicality and style? Here are our top picks for outfits that you will sport around campus this semester. 


  1. 1. The big t-shirt on campus 

    There’s nothing like a big t-shirt outfit kind of day, especially when you have an 8 AM lecture. Instead of throwing on your worn-out sorority t-shirt, style a plain oversized shirt with some staple accessories. Make your baggy tee more stylish by pairing it with some chunky dad sneakers and layering gold jewelry. Bonus points if you feel bold enough to rock some trendy sunglasses on your commute to class. 


  2. 2. Patterned pants for the win

    Trade out your grey sweats for a pair with a funky pattern to make any lazy day more fashionable. Make your pants your statement piece by wearing them with a basic crop top and some white high top sneakers. 


  3. 3. The modern day Princess Diana biker short look

    During the fall semester, you’re most likely going to pair a sweatshirt with leggings. Make an easy style swap for a pair of biker shorts for an effortless style-savvy look. Athleisure trend alert: Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Emma Chamberlain have made this overly simple trend Instagram famous. Wear a pair of white ankle socks with your favorite white sneakers for a model off duty look. 


  4. 4. Oversized everything

    An everyday look for college students is anything oversized (yes, to the point of pants or no pants being a mystery). Rock your staple oversized hoodie with a pair of fashion sneakers and some gold hoops. #bighoopenergy. 


College is all about comfortability. So, keep your style true to what makes you feel good! Whether you rock a celebrity inspired look or a questionably clean shirt, do it with confidence.