CEO & Founder of Petalfox, Kelly Nyland, Shares What it Means to Run a Female-Founded Company

 Due to fresh research that highlights the profitability of gender diverse businesses, women are taking critical boardroom positions in Fortune 500 companies. Many women are also finding new levels of success launching their own companies and becoming industry leaders. This has inspired young females and shown them that they too have the power and potential to take the same steps forward. 

CEO and founder of Petalfox, Kelly Nyland, has taken steps as an entrepreneur to launch her own business. 

Petalfox is a female-led company that services consumers through text messages; making any purchase as simple as the tap of an emoji. Curated for self-care, Petalfox markets its product around the idea of “buying flowers for yourself”. 

Nyland conceived her business’ unique selling point of ‘flowers for yourself’ during travels when she would purchase bouquets at a Tokyo train station and streetside markets in Paris. 

“Throughout the world, flowers and coffee are apart of everyday life,” Nyland shared. 

After fifteen years in international business and technology, Nyland ventured outside of her career to launch her own company. 

“I realized within my career of market and product development helped to provide a strong foundation to venture to become a CEO,” She stated. 

For Nyland, being a CEO is about the financial and team-building aspects, whereas being a founder means building the idea of a product. “I am always looking for career paths that maxmize personal and professional growth,” Nyland said. 

Petalfox is Nyland’s seventh start-up. At age nineteen, she helped her father launch his company and honed her craft along the way. “I learned how to run a company from accounting to navigating Adobe and Photoshop,” She shared. 

Like many other college students, Nyland had her share of entrepreneurial activities while pursuing her degree. “Side hustles can serve you and serve you well,” Nyland added. From working in a flower shop to merchandising for her campus’ bookstore, Nyland optimized her skillset to prepare for what would one day become her very own company. 

As for advice for college students looking to start their own business after graduation, Nyland shared future entrepreneurs should find a mentor and “invest in their network”. 

As for Petalfox itself, the future is bright for the rapidly growing business. Nyland is committed to innovation and constantly working to push her company model ahead of the curve. “Petalfox has plans to ease simplicity and conveinence that it has created around getting flowers via text message and bring the same experience to more product categories that focus on celebrating self care,” She announced. Customers can look forward to a new line of desk accessories and products centered around natural care and sexual wellness.