The Best Off-Campus Places to Study When You're Bored of the Library

Midterms are the reality check of the semester. From cramming to crying at the library, it's safe to assume midterms are every college student's least favorite part of the year. While the library is easily accesible, on campus, and most importantly free, it can be helpful to step out of your normal study routine. (We still love you good 'ole Carmichael aka the Lib). If you're looking for a new space away your Tinder matches, here is a list I've complied of off-campus study spaces to make you midterm season a bit more exciting. 

  1. 1. Within Walking Distance to the University of Montevallo

    C's Cake and Coffee House 

    C's Cake and Coffee House is a charming white cottage house repurposed into a coffee shop with both indoor and outdoor seating. The restaurant offers a variety of coffee, tea, pastries, and deli items. There are three different rooms dedicated to seating; including a cozy room with leather couches and a coffee table. Not only is C's Cake and Coffee House the perfect campus getaway for solo study sessions, but it also has an 8 out of 10 stars for Instagrammability. 

    Reccommended Menu Item: Chai Tea Latte with Almond Milk

    The Chai Tea Latte perfectly encapsulates the cozy fall vibes I've been searching for. Order it with a pastry if you're feeling like a treat yo' self kind of day! 

    12 Minute Walk or a 5 Minute Drive from Campus - Located at 1241 Valley St Montevallo, AL

  2. 2. When You're Feeling Healthy

    Homewood is the perfect midday trip after a busy day of classes and Farm Bowls is the number one pit stop for a quick study session. Grab a seat outside to enjoy the fall breeze or chill out inside the shop, decked out with a minimalistic boho aesthetic. While you're there splurge on an carefully crafted acai bowl made with all fresh organic ingredients. Or if you're a broke college student, order a shot for $3 - complete with an orange slice to sweeten up the ginger aftertaste. 

    Located at 1920 Ave S, Homewood, AL. 

  3. 3. When You Gotta Run Errands at 5 and Study at 6 

    Whole Foods is one of those once in a while grocery trips (more like just grabbing a speciality item then heading to Walmart to complete the rest of your list). But the good news is that Whole Foods has restaurant seating available for guests. I've grabbed a drink from Whole Foods and sat at the hightop bar with my laptop with no problem! It's a good change of scenery, plus the study break food choices are healthier than the Caf. 

    Mountain Brook Location - Cahaba Village Plaza, Birmingham, AL 35243 (43 minutes away from campus).

    Hoover Location - 3780 Riverchase Village, Hoover, AL 35244 (38 minutes away from campus). 

  4. 4. The True Coffee Shop Experience

    Relevator Coffee is a coffee shop located in Birmingham, Alabama with the authentic coffee shop experience. The downtown Birmingham location features a more sleek urban atmosphere whereas the Mountain Brook location has a light and airy space with plenty of windows. Both spaces have plenty of seating options for students to use as a study space. 

    Quick tip: Relevator Coffee takes cards only



  5. 5. When You Have a Shopping Addiction

    If you're in need of retail therapy and a study session, break away from campus and visit the outdoor shopping center, The Summit in Birmingham, Alabama. While you're shopping around, grab a delicious Pitaya Bowl at Frutta Bowls and crack open a book. Frutta Bowls has cozy study vibes complete with a fireplace. If you prefer a more traditional workspace, Barnes and Noble has a seating area in their Starbucks cafe as well as an outdoor seating area with a view of 280. 

    Breaking News for Athleisure Lovers: Lululemon at the Summit will be relocated to the former FlipBurger building which will include an outdoor seating area overlooking Birmingham - thank goodness for a new place to chill in your athleisure after a busy day of shopping and studying. 

    The Summit is located at 214 Summit Blvs Birmingham, AL (40 minutes away from campus). 

Make sure to wrap up your midterm season with a little TLC! Sprinkle in some new study spaces to treat yourself and be productive.