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Workout Motivation: 5 Affordable Purchases To Stick With That New Years Resolution

After a few months of lounging, gyms at a halt, our bank accounts plummeting, we’re in the midst of uncertainty. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how you’ll lose those extra pounds you gained in quarantine. Besides having a positive mindset, motivation can be hard to find while at home. Don’t lose hope yet, you can still get inspired and start the new year right. Put your workout playlist on max volume and add these five simple items to your cart to check that annual resolution off your list.

Active Wardrobe

Look good, feel good, right? Trendy workout sets are seen on our Instagram feeds styled by influencers daily. You’ll feel confident by just your outfit and motivated to start your workout. Affordable dupes of brands like Lululemon and Alo Yoga are easily accessible on Amazon and often linked by influencers on their social media accounts. Find one that best suits you!

Resistance Bands

Dumbbells have been getting pricier since lockdown and it seems like they are nowhere to be found in stores at an affordable cost. Truth is, you can complete your workouts without them. Resistance bands can mimic most movements that are performed with barbells, dumbbells and even machines. With a little creativity, resistance bands are a great alternative to movements in the gym offering the same benefits as machine exercises and gym equipment.

Yoga Mat

You’ll probably need this item if you’re doing your at-home workouts without any actual gym equipment. At home, we tend to perform more bodyweight movements that we’ll need a yoga mat for. It’s not only used for strenuous workouts, you can roll it out and find videos on your laptop or phone to follow for yoga, meditation and even stretching. This item will make you feel prepared to fulfill your workout resolution.

Motivational Water Bottle

Have you seen those obnoxiously big water bottles people have been carrying around? Some may think it’s a little bit dramatic but don’t knock ‘em yet. These water bottles are time marked with motivational sayings like, “you’ve got it!” and “no excuses!”  to help you achieve not only your fitness goals but health habits. Once you get one of these in your hands, you won’t stop drinking water! Filling it up right in the morning before starting my day gives me that boost of energy and hydration for a sweaty workout sesh. You can add some flavor by putting sliced oranges, strawberries or cucumber to help keep up with the time frames.

Jump Rope

Running? Not for me. Even though cardio in your workout can help burn some calories and make you feel more active than many other fitness activities, there are other ways to substitute a run. If you haven’t jumped rope since middle school, don’t be discouraged. It’s a great hobby to practice and develop some skills while keeping you active at a low cost. Ever heard of high-intensity interval training (HIIT)? You can incorporate HIIT in your training with any jump rope.

Our workout goals always seem to be left unfilled, year after year and the extra pounds during quarantine added some pressure. Starting something new can be frightening, but this list is here to get you started and achieve your goals. So no more excuses, let’s get physical!

Enisa Borova is a senior majoring in Communications and Media Arts at Montclair State University. She is passionate about writing, styling, and creating content for social media. In her free time, you can catch Enisa exercising, shopping and sipping on her favorite Starbucks drink. She is hoping to start a career in Public Relations and/or Marketing for a noble agency focused on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.
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