What We Got at College Fashion Week

This past weekend I attended Her Campus’s College Fashion Week NYC and it was an overall great experience! Her Campus always takes care of us, from sending cute survival kits to throwing the best events. Even though it was my first time attending, I knew that #collegefashionweek would be no different. Here’s what we got!​

Ulta Beauty Bag

As soon as we walked in, we were each given a goodie bag from Ulta filled with sample and full sized products! Thanks to Her Campus, I won’t have to buy my own mascara for a while!We were provided with two different kinds: Ulta Beauty Limitless Lashes and NYX Worth the Hype. Another product I’m excited to use is the Too Faced highlighter/bronzer. We even got two different kinds of makeup remover by Ulta Beauty and Almay, which is sure to be super helpful!

Being one of my favorite brands, I was happy to see some eos products as well. Lastly, aside from makeup Ulta also gave us some hair products! I’m always searching for some good dry shampoo, so I can’t wait to try out Redken’s powder and styling paste.

Real Runway Model Bag

Next, we each got a bag from Her Campus Fashion Week that said “Real Runway Model” which was the message of the whole event. Unlike other fashion shows, instead of using professional models, College Fashion Week showcases real college women of all shapes and sizes. The event was all about empowering women and encouraging them to be true to themselves.

This bag contained a wide variety of different items such as snacks, a Diva Cup, Bath & Body Works pillow mist, velcro, lip balm and so much more —all proving to be college (and life) essentials. One of the most exciting things being a Primark gift card!

Sabre Bag

Sabre is a self-defense brand aiming to empower people to embrace a safer lifestyle. The brand had a display at the event with free items as well. The Sabre bags each came with pepper spray, a personal alarm and a drink test kit. Women should always feel safe, and Sabre goes the extra mile to ensure that.

Almay Beauty Bag

Almay had the cutest table set up, as well as a display of smaller tables to test the products, which doubled as a perfect place for pictures! Almay gave us a full sized makeup bag, palette and our choice of eyeshadow. What makes this unique is that you can fill your choice of Almay eyeshadows in the palette. You can mix and match or refill as you go! I know this will definitely be useful (and fun to use) in the future!