What to Bring to a Holiday Dinner When You Can't Cook

It’s no secret in my family that I can’t cook, I truly just never cared to learn and although I hope to learn sometime, 2018 will be yet another year of not contributing to a potluck. So, I wanted to make a list of things that ladies like me, who don’t cook, can bring to the table. Whether you are eating dinner at your house or someone else’s but not cooking, it is always nice to make the people contributing to your food belly appreciated.

Holiday towels

Holiday towels are a sweet and small gesture. These towels from Kohls are super affordable and super cute!


Bringing wine to a dinner is a great idea, and technically you didn’t cook but you did bring something to accompany dinner!


Candles are always a nice gift to receive, especially as a house gift. For thanksgiving or other holidays, make sure to pick up a festive one to bring with you. Bath & Body Works has great sales and they are the perfect asset to any holiday party!

Bath bombs

What better way to say I appreciate you for cooking this delicious meal than a nice bath bomb? Bath bombs are so relaxing and the perfect treat after cooking a huge meal! Lush has a wide variety, giving you plenty of options to pick the perfect one for your host. 

I hope all of you find something to bring to a holiday dinner this year even if you could not contribute to the potluck. Enjoy and make your hosts feel appreciated!