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Waiting for Winter to End: Tips to Help You Deal with Seasonal Depression

350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. 350 million. I am 1 in 350 million people struggling with the daily and lifelong battle with depression. There are many different types of depression, but the most prevalent right now would be a seasonal affective disorder, known as “seasonal depression”. It affects people who only show signs of depression during seasons in which the weather negatively affects their mood. It is most common during the winter months.

Maybe it’s just me, but the winter months make it much harder for me to cope with my depression. The colder weather, the darker days, it is all just too much for me. It’s hard to be positive when outside is pitch black earlier in the day.

It’s easy for others to forget about those who are suffering since the holidays come around and everyone is cheerful and jolly. It’s easy to fall into depressive habits in the winter but you owe it to yourself to keep going. Here are some simple tips to make sure you’re giving yourself and your mental health enough self-care during the cold winter season:

Keep up with your skincare.

The first thing that helps when falling into bad habits is your overall appearance. The day itself is so draining, that once I arrive home I fall into bed, completely skipping my routines and fall asleep with makeup on (if I got up early enough to put it on). It takes 5 minutes or less to wash your face, apply moisturizer or a face mask. I promise you will feel SO much better after.

Change your bed sheets.

Another easy thing to neglect is cleaning. Cleaning your room, cleaning your clothes, making and cleaning your bed. Clean your sheets, make your bed all nice, put the TV on or grab a good book and have a nice evening in.

Answer your messages.

I find that my biggest issue when my depression flares up is that I ignore my messages and it piles up to the point where it’s overwhelming and too late to respond. It starts affecting your relationships and it’s extremely unprofessional to neglect responsibilities. Set a date and put aside a few hours to respond to your texts or emails and then start answering every day or every other day for a few minutes.

Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small.

Your hardest critic is always yourself. Celebrate a good grade, taking a shower, responding to a text, whatever it may be.

You will get through this, summer is so close!

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