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The Burn Pumpkin: The Most Festive Way to Vent During Fall

The Burn Pumpkin: Think “Mean Girls” Meets Spooky Season

Hello, my dear! What would you like to rant about this fall? Is your roommate, professor, friends, or family getting on your nerves? Did you get a bad grade on a test, or did a situation not go as planned for you? Whatever is putting you into the ultimate rage, it is time to write it all down on a pumpkin and smash it at the end of this harvest season.

The Tradition

My friends and I started this tradition freshman year after we won a free pumpkin at our dining hall. We decided one day after a stressful week of classes to write down all of the things that were bothering us on a pumpkin and smash it at the end of the month. Let’s just say, this was a therapeutic and life-changing experience.

What To Do

  1. Grab a pumpkin. Go to your local pumpkin patch, grocery store or anywhere that sells pumpkins near you. You can even get a fake pumpkin if that floats your boat!
  2. Grab a permanent marker, and start writing. Anytime someone or something bothers you, write it down on the pumpkin. After a long day, this can be a great way to “burn” off stress (no pun intended).
  3. Invite your friends to write something on the pumpkin too!
  4. Plan a day and method to get rid of your pumpkin. You can drop it safely from a high surface or carve it to your liking (please do not do anything that is illegal and will cause harm to anyone).
  5. Feel at peace, and kickback with a nice glass of apple cider/drink of choice. Here is a recipe I found for a fancy apple cider mimosa (virgin and non-virgin for those of age).

Overall, this is one of the most fun fall traditions I do every year with all of my friends, and I hope you give it a try too! Happy Burn Pumpkin Season!

Sarah DiPippa

Montclair '22

Hey everyone! If you are reading this page, just know you are loved and perfect just the way you are. My posts will feature a variety of topics, especially ones related to mental health and healing yourself one day at a time!
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