Spring Trends Everyone Should Start Following

Spring is on the way and it’s coming early this year according to the events from Groundhog Day. With spring coming so soon that only means one thing, time to shop and get all the newest pieces for your springtime wardrobe. Spring is probably my favorite season because you always have the cutest outfits, the weather is always the perfect temperature and there is so much to do! Some trends that are definitely in style this spring are loafers, midi skirts, trench coats and of course sustainability.


Loafers are coming back in style, and they’re coming back in fast. Trends are always changing and the loafer has been in and out numerous times but still always shines. Loafers are so polished and classy, they’re definitely here to stay. They’re no longer your grandma’s shoes. They’re perfect for everyone this season!

Midi skirts

Skirts are one of the chicest pieces to style all year long. But, this season the midi skirt is what everyone will be looking for. They come in all different fabrics and prints and even different styles. You can get wrap skirts or denim skirts, they’re the perfect piece to put on and quickly throw an outfit together with a plain white tee and white sneakers. Whatever you choose this season, you’ll be seeing a lot of the flowy and feminine midi skirt style.

Trench coats

You always need that perfect coat during spring. The weather is always unpredictable, one day it’ll be sunny and warm the next rainy and cold. Whatever it is you want that perfect coat, and this season it’s the classic trench coat. Trench coats go with every outfit and it’s that perfect weight for warm days and the cooler ones when it rains. This season whatever you wear or whenever you’re shopping make sure you look for or grab that perfect trench.


Last year sustainability became a big conversation, which is following us into 2020 and is becoming a big conversation in the fashion world. There are many designers and brands who are using recycled or reused materials to create new lines. From high-end designers to stores in the mall they’re all taking a serious look at the fast-fashion aspect of the industry and starting to make sustainable changes. When you’re shopping this season keep a lookout for the sustainable tags in stores, you’ll be seeing them pop up more.

Trends are always coming and going and this spring we’re seeing some new and old trends. This year there will be a lot of amazing looks! For further reading on spring trends or styling and shopping tips read these other articles Successful Shopping and 4 Upcoming Spring Trends to Lookout For